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The Old Me Wants Pizza…and Sin!

Yummy pizza slice

Interestingly, they say you often crave the foods you're allergic to (that's right all you chocoholics!). That's bad because you really want what doesn't want you. And when you end up eating whatever you're allergic to, it's like putting a little dose of poison in your body and, over time, it wears down your system. Hmmm. I feel a spiritual analogy coming on…

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Are you Carrying A Dead Guy Around?

In New Testament times, capital punishment was sometimes carried out by tying a murder victim’s body directly onto the perpetrator’s back. That way wherever he went he was literally weighed down by his crime, with no way to escape the stench of decomposing flesh. Eventually the bacteria-filled corpse infected him too and he died an agonizing death. Find out what we can learn from this morbid practice.

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Forgiven Little?

If, before we came to Christ, we think any higher of ourselves than the most vile person, we still do not understand the condition of our hearts or the price Jesus paid for us. In that case we, like Simon, have only been "forgiven little," when what we truly need is to be forgiven much…

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