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Update on our Haiti Orphanage

Many of you have asked how our orphanage is doing in Haiti. I'm thankful to report that everyone is fine and that the quake did not damage our orphanage. However, if you are wondering where to donate to help assist those devastated by this catastrophe, Hopegivers is an excellent option. Here's what they are doing in both the short term and the long term for aid…

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Orphans in our Own Backyard

This past week my husband and I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Tough Ministries Conference in The Woodlands, Texas (just north of Houston). I can't say enough for the speakers we were privileged to hear. Each had an amazing testimony of overcoming and rising to amazing levels of influence and change in the world around them. Check out their stories!

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Drop a Bomb and Help an Orphan

We need your help to DROP THE BOMB! Coming September 1, a BOMB of a vision is ready to drop around the world, impacting countless families and young people, but it can only be done together. Please help us reach the world!

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