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My Divided Self

Do you ever struggle with loving others? Is it easier to judge, criticize, polarize, and reject than to overlook weaknesses, bless, and embrace? Do you ever feel like your heart is more like a block of wood than a living, feeling part of you? If so, find out what God recently revealed to me as a key to loving others. You might be surprised…

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Budapest Boogie

Budapest got rhythm baby! Even the grannies were in sync doin’ the hip hop. With my mal-rhythm reputation, I could have provided comic relief in this video. I can’t believe they didn’t invite me. P.S. I like how they are […]

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25 Awesome Things: 6. Full-Circle Events

25 Awesome things intro links: Inspired by 1000AwesomeThings.com, I will be doing my own list of 25 awesome things for the rest of this month. Enjoy...

I have these young, adorable friends who recently got married, Aaron and Ashley. I well remember those days starting out when you have to work so hard to make ends meet, and it seems there is never much quality time together. Recently, this young couple learned an important lesson about commitment when they experienced an inspiring, life-saving, full-circle event.

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Update on our Haiti Orphanage

Many of you have asked how our orphanage is doing in Haiti. I'm thankful to report that everyone is fine and that the quake did not damage our orphanage. However, if you are wondering where to donate to help assist those devastated by this catastrophe, Hopegivers is an excellent option. Here's what they are doing in both the short term and the long term for aid…

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I’m Thankful For the Hard Things

I'm so thankful that in the past few years, God has enabled me to see the difficult, oppositional circumstances of life as an opportunity to develop into an overcomer. Of course, if I'm going to allow (welcome) God to put me in training as an overcomer, I'm going to have to be willing to have things come into my life that need to be overcome…

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Mom Died My Hero

My mom was a very private person. We had an understanding while she was alive: I was not to write about the family. Shortly before she died, I teased her. "After you're gone, I'm going to write about the family. I might even write about you…" So today, I'm writing about my mom and what I learned from her. Read more…

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