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“Take a journey with Julie. ”

Guarding Local Secrets

By the look on the face of the US Forest Service employee, you’d have thought we just demanded he hand over his firstborn. I swear, all we did was ask where to find huckleberries. But let me back up…

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Last of Oregon Memories

Okay, it's my last day to reminisce about my trip and all that fluffy stuff, and then we'll get back to the faith stuff. I have some good lessons to share with you, coming right up!

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More Oregon Coast Highlights!

A few more pictures and memories from the trip!

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25 Favorite Things About My Oregon Coast Trip (Part 1)

This past week I went on an awesome road trip with my daughter, Jessica. Jessi just got her driver's permit and I decided this might be a good opportunity for her to get some driving experience. Here are some zany (and favorite) memories from the road…

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Beautiful Letdown

It was while jogging through a beautiful upscale neighborhood yesterday, listening to “Beautiful Letdown” by Switchfoot, when I was struck by the sadness…

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Becoming Real in Our Sadness

I waited in line at the Atlanta airport for my turn to check in, when I noticed the young woman in front of me. Behind her dark glasses, tears trailed down her flushed cheeks. As she put down her suitcases to brush them away, she caught my eyes and turned away, embarrassed. It was then I realized that we are more real in sadness than in any other emotion. Find out more…

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