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India 13: A Piece of My Heart Will Stay in Kota

What a week in Kota! We have had such a special time. Nothing has become more apparent to me than this: I need to somehow bring India home and share it with the Hopegivers' team (sponsors worldwide). This is such an amazing ministry and I had no picture or idea until I got here. It is huge, amazing, and God-sized!

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Indai 12: Safely in Kota

We are in Kota now, the Emmanuel/Hopegivers headquarters in India. Kota is about 8 hours south of Delhi, still in the northwestern part of the country somewhat near Pakistan. Kota is more hot and dry than Delhi, with afternoons feeling at least 80 degrees. It is AMAZING and wonderful to be here, but also very sad to see what havoc the persecution has wreaked on their schools, orphanages, and even buildings…

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India 11: Jaipur Pink On City And People Alike

asked Trevor if the men in the city object to living in a pink city and he told us they're fine with it because everything is pink…the houses, the bath towels, the bed linens…he might be right because we even saw a big group of burly men carrying around pink shopping bags…

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India 10: Jaipur Fortress & Elephant rides!

On our way from Agra to Jaipur, we stopped at a little road stop where there were some unique handmade authentic Indian items. Maria and I went in and bartered down some goods and came out to get into the car. Just then, two men came out and began talking animatedly and pointing at us. I was thinking, "Oh great…I wonder what we did wrong."

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India 9: Jaipur and Drive-By Evangelism

We headed out of Agra toward Jaipur (pronounced Jaypoor). Sam jokes that everything in India is poor or bad…Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Jaipur, Kanpur, Manipur, etc.) This is where things got a bit shaky on our trip…

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India 8: Tour of Agra

After the Taj Mahal, we toured Agra. It is a very contrasting city full of great poverty situated right next to outstanding opulence. It is a very dark city. Hopegivers has tried to start orphanages here to rescue the children, but have been run out of town each time. You could definitely feel the spiritual oppression just driving around…

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