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Today is the BIG DAY…Don't Miss Out!

Don't forget…today is the BIG DAY! The BOOK BOMB on AMAZON and launch of One Million Arrows: Raising Your Children to Change the Word! We need everyone to help to make this day a BIG SUCCESS!

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Drop a Bomb and Help an Orphan

We need your help to DROP THE BOMB! Coming September 1, a BOMB of a vision is ready to drop around the world, impacting countless families and young people, but it can only be done together. Please help us reach the world!

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An Orphan, A Mom, And A Big God

Every time I come to India (I am here now) where I am involved in orphan ministry, there are so many new adventures to be had, unique sights to see in every direction, and holy moments to experience. But an experience this week ranks among one of my favorites…

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The Glory in Despair

A couple weeks ago I stood on a street in downtown Delhi, India. The light was dim on this particular street in the middle of day because of choking air pollution. The area itself was full of filth and sadness, where row after row of brothels lined the streets…every direction was full of ugliness, filth, and chaos. Where was God's glory in all of this?

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India is Still Wonderful!

I'm back in India and loving it just as much as the first time. It is such a land of contrasts. I can't wait for our many adventures! It all begins here…

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India 14: Night Train, Sikhs, & Snowy Trip to the Himalayas

The night we left Kota for our next adventure, we took the night train to Ambala which is north of Delhi. The train station at night was quite an experience in itself, and were it not for the fact that our guide had about five men waiting with us, I would have been terribly afraid. Okay, I WAS afraid…

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