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“When a goofy mood strikes, you gotta write! ”

My Will Prevailed At Goodwill

It's ridiculous. It took my husband exactly ten minutes to unpack and hang up all his clothes in our new place. Two hours and two closets later, I surveyed my own mega surplus of duds and shoes—enough to clothe Haiti! Exactly how did this happen?

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Membership Has Its Privileges

I'm doing a lot of airport times these days. It's always the usual thing—check in and drop off luggage, and then off to "the line." But it was in such a line of hundreds, snaking back and forth through security, that I made a startling discovery! Read more…

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What the Pres, My Grandfather, & Skydiving Have in Common

I could use some laugh out loud humor in my life right now. Could you? If so, stop on by…

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Cruisin' Boulders & Chasing Bears

This evening my husband and I decided to go exploring. Some of our friends told us that if we could make it to the top of a nearby mountain pass, it would be a breathtaking view. It seems they left out the little detail that the road is only suitable for helicopters. But by that time, it was too late…

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I Lost Dani on the Mayflower

My mom lost track of me at the beach in Florida when I was five. She was just lucky I wasn't eaten by a shark or worse yet, abducted by aliens. At least that's what men in speedos look like when you're five. It was so traumatic, I swore I'd never lose my kids…

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A Rabbit's Viewpoint On Slow and Steady

Ready…set…CONQUER! Being the antithesis of a patient procrastinator, that's my motto. It’s like I can’t enjoy my life in the moment because I’m always trying to speed through the next finish line. But is that the mentality that wins the race, or did the turtle know something I don't? Find out more…

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