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“Not for those afraid of questioning or thinking outside the box! ”

Waiting for Messiah You

“Imagine a world in which everyone understood that all of us were God…not one in which each person thought he or she was God alone—that would be disaster. But one in which the nonduality of Being was understood, in some form or fashion, by all human beings. This would be an entirely different world from one we now inhabit, free of the conflicts and crises, petty and grotesque, which fill our moment.” Come check out some intriguing thoughts about the long-awaited messianic age from a modern Jewish writer…

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Conversations With God Went South…Fast

At first I loved a lot of what I read in the book, but then I changed my mind. Come find out why…

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How Can it Be Right When it Sounds So Wrong?

What would happen if everything I thought was “wrong” was actually “right”? This is what happened to Neale Walsch in his book, Conversations with God. Come find out how Walsch was challenged and how it can challenge us all to find a truer, better perspective on all things faith.

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Evil And Good—Two Sides of One Tree

Not all that long ago, I couldn’t possibly make sense of a “Good God” creating, causing, or even allowing evil. Yet there it is, in black and white. How could God claim a nature of unfailing love while simultaneously overlooking rampant, uninhibited, preventable evil? It sure sounded schizophrenic and cruel. But lately I’ve been learning some things that are transforming my perspective. While I’m still not comfortable with evil that causes pain in people’s lives, I’m beginning to have a new view of its source and purpose. Check out what I am learning…

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My Divided Self

Do you ever struggle with loving others? Is it easier to judge, criticize, polarize, and reject than to overlook weaknesses, bless, and embrace? Do you ever feel like your heart is more like a block of wood than a living, feeling part of you? If so, find out what God recently revealed to me as a key to loving others. You might be surprised…

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Being Jesus as Me (and You)

My Christmas gift to you. It’s finally time to uncover the glorious conclusion about our “Jesus as a regular Joe” series. What is this all about? What is the point I am trying to make in suggesting that Jesus might just be more one of us…or we might just be more “one of him”…than we once thought? I hope you’ll bask in the joy of the discovery of who you are.

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