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“Need I say more? ”

No One Sees God…Or Me

My atheist friend said something today in response to my blog that got me thinking (read more of his post). Is God really unseen in our world, or can we find tangible evidence of His expression? Is there a parallel we can draw from our own bodies? Let’s find out…

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My Slippery Slide into Atheism

One of my atheist friends warned me that, once I started asking honest questions of my Bible, it was sure to be a slippery slope into agnosticism or atheism. He’s absolutely right! I’m way more agnostic about God and matters of faith than I’ve ever been. I’m also definitely atheistic about the god I used to know. For starters, my old god…

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King of War or Prince of Peace?

Back in my church daze (pun intended), I used to serve the Jesus who was coming back to earth as a vengeful warrior, ready to strike down entire nations with a cold-blooded sword (Rev. 19). Such was his blood-thirsty pursuit, he even wore a robe dripping blood from his grizzly massacre of the masses. These days I’m getting reacquainted with a different (better!) Jesus. Come find out more about the real Jesus!

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My Creator Captives Me Through Snowflakes

We just got our first big snow storm here in balmy 10-degree Wyoming. About a foot! When I went outside to unbury my car the other day, running late for a lunch date, I was captivated in a way I haven’t been since I was a child….with snowflakes!

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Jesus Saves ALL…or He Saves None

Seriously, most of my life, I never noticed the prolific “ALL” verses scattered throughout the Bible. But there they are, shouting a message that, to me, cannot be denied. Either Jesus is the “Savior of the world” as He declares, saving ALL people as is repeated over and over, or He saves none (because He did not tell us the truth). Read more…

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White Stones Inside

I first noticed them in the surf while searching for sand dollars and sea agate—the most unusual, black and white stones. As I began to collect these unique stones, I marveled over the thought that, no matter how broken, marred, or misshapen our lives, we are being remade into beautiful white stones. Read more…

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