Today’s Hottest Topic: Hell or No Hell?


Traditional teaching of hell is most definitely a “hot topic” right now, and there’s good reason for it.

After Rob Bell’s book, Love Wins, came out in March, certain evangelical leaders scrambled to do damage control. At last count, four books defending the doctrine of eternal torment are coming out in the next month, written by mainstream leaders. One of them actually defends the notion of eternal torment with this title:

“God Wins: Heaven, Hell, and why the Good News is Better than Love Wins.”


HUH? If I understand correctly, these people are saying that the supposed good news that’s better than Love Wins is “good news” precisely because there is a hell and that most people who ever lived are going there. God wins by damning most of His own creation to hell, and that is somehow good news. I’m sorry, but that’s a pretty lousy title and even worse theology.

In the rush to put out all the new support-for-hell books, these mainstream leaders will be doing what they believe is their best to protect millions of inquisitive people from “putting their souls in jeopardy.” That’s really an age-old tactic of getting ahold of people before they have the chance to start thinking or reasoning for themselves, scaring them into not questioning. But as these seasoned theologians and teachers begin offering their best defenses of the hell doctrine, will they present their evidence adequately? Responsibly? HONESTLY? Or will they use the same centuries-old trickery, manipulation, and misunderstanding of Scriptures that rendered the lie of hell in the first place, disregarding the greater evidence before them in exchange for traditions of men?

My husband believes we are in the beginning of a Digital Reformation. The access to crucial information is there for lay people like you and me as never before. All we need are people who are willing to ask, do a little research, and be willing to admit to themselves where the evidence leads. Oh yes, and to buck the system.

If you’re inclined to find out if you’ve been misled on this topic, I strongly suggest you read both sides of the argument—with an open mind—and decide for yourself. I suggest you start by reading, Raising Hell: Christianity’s Most Controversial Doctrine Put Under Fire, and then compare to what others are saying. You can reap the benefits of my research and then take it beyond by doing your own! The evidence against hell, both scripturally (in the original languages) and historically, is astounding! I also recommend you head over to the Amazon page and see what people are saying about Raising Hell. While you’re there, pre-order a copy or buy the kindle version for $.99.

Dare to question. Dare to ask, “What if?” This is happening for many thousands of believers worldwide, which is why it’s such a hot topic right now. Maybe you’ll find, like I did and like so many others, it’s time for all hell to break loose!

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