Awesome Things: 10. Summer at the Park

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Inspired by, I will be doing my own list of 25 awesome things for the rest of this month. Enjoy...

We live right across the street from a beautiful city park. At first I wasn’t sure about this arrangement because I wondered if we’d have “park overflow” in our yard (not bad unless they’re smashed and/or up to mischief).

But after almost two summer seasons in this house, I’ve decided I LOVE living next to a park. Winter is mostly dead slumber, but summer next to a park reminds you of LIFE, enjoyment, and new beginnings.

On any given day, I hear the “tink” of a baseball hitting a steel bat; I hear children screaming and laughing on the play equipment; I hear parties, music, and people chattering happily like the birds overhead in the trees.

When I venture over to the park, I sometimes sit on a bench on the river’s edge to watch wildlife, to be soothed by the relaxing white noise of the water coursing over the rocks, to feel the warmth of the sunshine bathing over my body, and to listen for the still small voice of God, working it’s way into my quieted, contented heart.

Other times, I observe multitudes of people coming and going—campers, bbq-ers, mommies with young children splashing in a small, winding creek, tennis players, fishermen, baseball teams, Frisbee players, playful dogs, slack liners (people who practice balancing and walking on ropes tied between trees), momma ducks in search of new water frontiers and followed by trails of chirping babies, bikers, skateboarders, lovers—the park always seems astir with life, and love, and happiness.

For me, observing the joy of a park is a tiny little peek into the window of the future and what’s ahead. The soon coming Kingdom will be like never-ending summer, full of happy, euphoric, hope-filled enjoyment for all. We will all be partakers in the joyful flurry of activity called LIFE.

What is your favorite season and why?

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