Selling Out for Good Enough

But [certain Israelites] approached Moses and said, "We simply want to build pens for our livestock and fortified towns for our wives and children. But we do not claim any of the land on the other side of the Jordan…we would rather live here on the east side and accept this as our grant of land." Numbers 32:16, 19 (NLT)

So many times, I find myself settling for less than the heavenly blessings and promises God wants to give me. I'm not talking about money or financial blessings. I'm talking about living out the best blessings of God's plans of good for my life that come about when I stop holding onto habit sins, or when I quit settling for something I know He doesn't want me to have (because He's promised better), and when I cease shrinking back in fear and unbelief from the purpose He created for my life.

Why do I settle for good enough?

Part of it is impatience.

  • I'm ready to settle down in the perceived comfort of my own created stability.
  • I'm tired of waiting for the signal to move on into my Promised Land.

Part of it is stubbornness.

  • I'm not done with certain cherished sins.
  • I'm still claiming just enough independence from God to make sure I don't do anything I don't want to do.

Part of it is fear.

  • I mean, c'mon. Entering into the Promised Land means facing GIANTS and God-sized obstacles. That takes a lot of faith. Wouldn't it be easier to settle on this side?

What do I miss?

God's best is just that. When I settle for "this side" of the Jordan, I miss out.

  • I don't experience the best "crops" of provision in my life.
  • I miss out on the good life He's prepared for me on the other side (in this case, the people who settled on the wrong side had to build their own fortified cities, whereas the ones who crossed moved into cities that were completed).
  • I miss out on watching Him in action doing God-sized miracles that would build my faith and awe of Him.

When you think about it, settling for "good enough" is pretty costly.

What "best" is God calling you to cross over and enjoy? You will not be alone for the journey. You have too much at stake to settle on this side. Let God show you who He is and what He can do in your life. Let Him fulfill amazing plans, dreams, and promises through your belief and obedience. Go for BEST!

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