Of Moving, Cats, & Naps

You can really learn a lot from your cats.

We recently moved from the only home our cats have basically known since we got them both as kittens at an animal shelter. In the past when we pack up suitcases, they've learned what that means, "here they go again…we're stuck in the house for who knows how many days!"

This time, we packed up boxes over the course of about a month. The cats pepe_250pxwatched as everything disappeared around them—their nap couch, their commune-with-my-owner- over-breakfast table, their nap chairs, their mouse toys, their get-up-from-my-nap- and-go-to-bed bed, their whole normal life house vanished little by little before their very eyes. I noticed that Pepe (black cat) started getting insecure and trying to prove his love for us by bringing field mice to the door and yowling all hours of the day and night.

When the day for the big cat move came, we loaded them up into a carrier, and stuck them in the car. They cried all the way to their new home about 45 minutes away.

morty_250pxAnd I thought, isn't this just what it's like with God? He makes these moves in our lives, and He can't explain what is going on because we wouldn't understand. We cry because we're insecure and uncomfortable, and He has to reassure us and help us make adjustments to our "new normal" until we do understand and get more accustomed to the new situation. God sees the big picture, knowing why we have to move from this place, and where we're going, and what we're going to do when we get there. We don't. We have to wait and watch it all unfold, and sometimes we don't get it for a long time.

Pepe and Morty settled into their new lives pretty well, especially for cats. At this point, I don't think they really care why, they're just happy that their new home still has mice and good sunny nap spots. I couldn't agree more—about the nap spots, that is.

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