To Haiti With Love

I've always wanted to go on a mission trip, but never had the chance…until now. In three short weeks, I'll be on my way to a Haitian orphanage. This particular orphanage rescues children so poor, they are literally eating dirt, naked, sick, and dying all alone in the jungle with no parents and no family.

Currently, the orphanage is only one step up from that. "Pastor Willio" and his wife started the orphanage out of deep love and compassion for the kids, but their resources weren't nearly enough to cover the costs of housing and feeding 17 children. In fact, the building they currently use has no water and no electricity. So one day, out of desperation, Pastor Willy stopped by an internet café and typed the word "hope" into a search engine. He clicked on the first ministry that came up: Hopegivers. After sending them his urgent pleas, Hopegivers immediately responded with the words Pastor Willio longed to hear, "We will send help." Find out more about the ministry of Hopegivers.

I'm absolutely privileged to be a part of the second team to arrive with hope and help in the form of supplies, medical care, and revival of spirit. Hopegivers is also in the process of raising $25,000 for this orphanage so they can provide running water, electricity, food, schooling, and expand the building to take in even more orphans who are subsisting on whatever they can scrounge, including dirt! I don't know if you've ever been so hungry you wanted to eat dirt, but when I read that I burst into tears.

When I go on this trip (Nov. 24), I will give you all the details of what I encounter—the kids, the stories, the brave Pastor and his wife who started the orphanage to save lives.

In the mean time, please consider a donation to Hopegivers for the orphanage. Children are literally dying everywhere with no food or water and widespread diseases. Any amount would be a great help, and your tax deductible donation (you can give online) will go a long way to help. And today, when you eat your three square meals and sleep in your nice comfy bed, say a prayer for the kids in Haiti.


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