6 Little Words to Belief

So Joshua conquered the entire region… Joshua 11:16

 Strangely, this struck me very significantly in my reading today. Here's why. I'm struggling lately with that one little technicality in the Christian life…belief. Not like I'm thinking about defecting to the Hare Krishna religion or anything. But lately I struggle as I pray and wait for things that I've been praying and waiting for forever (well, years anyhow). My prayers become a bit routine and definitely not passionate. I pray for the easy things and give up wrestling over the hard-to-believe-for things. I get discouraged. I feel like giving up. And sometimes I do.

But then I read one little phrase—six words in fact—and God asks me a question. "Why was Joshua able to conquer the entire region?"

A little background. This region was the land Joshua and the Israelites were supposed to take over and settle in called, "the Promised Land,” and it was occupied by wealthy, strong tribes. In verse 4 it says these tribes mobilized all their armies to fight against the Israelites together.

"Their combined armies, along with a vast array of horses and chariots, covered the landscape like the sand on the seashore."

Talk about odds. Talk about discouragement. In fact, it was humanly impossible for the Israelites to conquer them. But not in Joshua's mind. His God was bigger than the odds.

God awaited for my answer. "Because he believed." In the warm, gentle way that only God can do, He showed me the root of my problem. Unbelief. If I were to believe and stand firm, no matter how long it took or how many obstacles were in the way, God would conquer all my enemies and giants, too. All those things keeping me out of my own promised land of deliverance, freedom, and spiritual blessing would be defeated and I could settle in peace and victory.

I continued my One Year Bible reading for the day, turning to Luke 18. Feeling moved by God's personal message to me, I was ready to receive His very next words (18:1).

"One day Jesus told his disciples a story to illustrate their need for constant prayer and to show them that they must never give up."

Yes, Lord. I HEAR You. Forgive me for giving up and not believing You. My prayer life must remain strong, passionate, and unwavering. No matter how long it takes to see my enemies pushed back and my prayers answered, I will believe.

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