Bitsy’s World

Have you met Bitsy yet? Well, let me tell you, she is one interesting character! She’s an adventurous twelve-year-old who wants to be a movie star, but can’t seem to stay out of trouble! Between digging up skeletons, chasing down ghosts, and trying to make some money, she’s always wondering where she went wrong.

Come along with Bitsy and her friends as they solve the mysteries on Hilton Head Island, Amelia Island, and Tybee Island.


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Did you know that some events in the Bitsy books really happened? It’s true! That’s how authors write exciting stories–they take events that really happened, changed them around a little, and then put them in the books. The key is to have a bunch of interesting things happen in a short amount of time.

So, when I was doing research for all the Bitsy books, I collected stories of things that happened to me, or to someone in my family, or to other people I know. Then I took a lot of those experiences and let them happen to Bitsy and her family or friends!

Hey, do you think you can guess which events really happened and which ones are just made up? You do? Then you’ll want to enter these cool contests! Every person who correctly answers at least 15 of the questions correctly will win a brand new Bitsy Mystery bookmark AND, with your parent’s permission, you will be listed in Bitsy’s Hall of Fame!

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