Ministry Testimonials

“Vonda, with all her Southern charm, won over the hearts of the women, made us laugh, and led us straight to the throne of the King of KIngs…Vonda was gracious and accommodating. Can’t wait to have her back!”
Judy Vader
Grace Church, Gladstone, MI

“I prayed that Vonda would be funny enough to to win our hearts, yet challenge us with the Truth of God’s Word, and show us how to apply that truth to our hearts. God far surpassed anything that I prayed for! Glory to His Name!”
Dee Dee Thornton
First Baptist Church, Fernandina Beach, FL

“Through Vonda, the Master Potter reached down and squished and squeezed our beating lumps of clay into shapes that are more pleasing to Him. Her messages re-centered us a women, as wives, as mothers, and as daughters of a holy God. What other response can there be but Thank You, Vonda, and Thank You, Thank You, Jesus!”
Jodi Knepper
New Life Bible Fellowship Church, Oley, PA

“I just met Vonda this past summer and CANNOT believe that I had not known her before. Here she lives in MY state, and I’m just now having the chance to meet her. She is an incredible speaker who communicates from her heart so that you connect as she is speaking. Her stories somehow resemble stories in your own life, and you begin to weave the Truth that she has found into your own situation. I loved watching all of the women around me as we felt every emotion known to woman. We laughed, we cried, and we learned. She is someone you do NOT want to miss!”
Ruth McWhite
Director of Women’s Ministries
North Greenville University, SC

“With Vonda you’ll laugh till your sides hurt, yet her messages aren’t full of fluff. You’re just as likely to cry as she uncovers real life difficulties. Vonda offers hope as well as a good dose of laughter.”
Robin Bryce
Huntsville, TX

“Vonda’s sweet spirit, small stature and huge enthusiasm for life combine for a refreshing, humorous, and profound message. Her insight for women about living for Jesus is very encouraging. Her love of writing and eagerness to help others with the same interest went far above our expectations. She is quite simply, a gem.”
Jennifer Fromke
Crossroads United Methodist Church, Concord, NC

“Having led women’s ministry events for 20 years, I do not know of any that have been more fulfilling than the one with Vonda as the featured speaker. Friday night had us in tears from laughter, and Saturday had our hearts at the cross. Her love for our Lord and thirst for His Word is demonstrated in a spiritual integrity that makes one long to sit under her teaching.
Robin Williams
Black Creek Baptist Church, Mechanicsville, VA

“Vonda is a refreshingly honest speaker. Listening to her real life experiences and Biblical insight make for an entertaining and life-changing time.”
Jan Sherard, Athletes in Action
Campus Crusade for Christ, Clemson University, SC

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