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Christian Communicators Graduates are Ready to Help with Your Event!

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I’m honored to be a Founder and former Co-director, along with Carolyn Knefely, of Christian Communicators Conference & Community. Educating, validating, and launching women in their speaking ministries through training and mentoring has been a highlight of both our careers. However, we know the Lord takes us through different seasons of our lives, and for both Carolyn and me, our seasons must now be committed to caregiving our parents.

We praise God that He provided Lori Boruff, Sherry Poundstone, and Tammy Whitehurst to continue the Christian Communicators mission. They are a talented, committed team of Christian speakers and writers who have taken the reins as Christian Communicators owners and co-directors, and continue to carry on and update the mission Carolyn and I envisioned.

And what a joy to be able to recommend these Christian Communicators grads who have not only graduated from the Christian Communicators program, but have also fulfilled the advanced requirements to be listed as a Christian Communicators Speaker when Carolyn and I were at the helm.

Please take a look at each of these gifted speakers listed alphabetically by last name, and then contact the ladies directly to discuss your event. Of course, we’d love for you to contact the Christian Communicators website regarding your own training through the Christian Communicators program, but please contact the speakers below directly regarding your interest in the possibility of partnering with them for an event.

Thank you!

(Please note: Any information or statements that appear here are not sponsored or endorsed by the Christian Communicators Conference, LLC 2016. CCC cannot be held liable for the availability of, or the content located on other websites.)


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Sue Badeau

Sue Badeau headshot cropped

Travels from: Pennsylvania



*Hope & Help for Caregivers

*Tools for Kingdom-Builders




Sue Badeau’s One-Sheet







Lori Boruff

Lori Boruff headshot

Travels from: Illinois



*Purpose in the Pain

*Find Your Beautiful

*Women’s Events

*Weekend Retreats


Lori Boruff’s One-Sheet






Verna Bowman

Verna Bowman headshot website

Travels from: Pennsylvania



*Women’s Retreats and Conferences

*Faith Based Keynotes

*Prayer Seminars

*Workshops and Breakout Sessions


Verna Bowman’s One-Sheet






Tina Carter

Tina Carter Headshot

Travels from: Virginia



*Relatable & Authentic Inspiration

*Women’s Luncheons/Events


*Parenting a Special Needs Child


Tina Carter’s One-Sheet






Jeanne Doyon

Jeanne Doyon headshot speaker page

Travels from: Connecticut



*Pausing to See God Clearly

*Spiritual Growth

*Biblical Teaching

*Retreats & Events


Jeanne Doyon’s One-Sheet






Barbara V. Evers

Barbara Evers Headshot

Travels from: South Carolina



*Faith Motivational/Women

*Christian Gifts

*Christian Living

*Communication/Business or Service


Barbara Evers’ One-Sheet






Maureen Hager

Maureen Hager CCC headshot

Travels from: North Carolina



*A New Creation

*You Are a Daughter of the King

*Your Baggage Isn’t Too Heavy for Jesus

*She is Someone’s Daughter


Maureen Hager’s One-Sheet






Lori Hatcher

Lori Hatcher headshot

Travels from: South Carolina



*Dressed for Spiritual Success seminars

*Praying with Power seminars

*Helping Busy Women Connect with God

*Humor with a Message


Lori Hatcher’s One-Sheet






Kathy Howard

Kathy Howard headshot for speaker page

Travels from: Texas



*Life-Applicable Bible Teaching

*Women’s Retreats and Conferences

*Workshops and Breakout Sessions

*Relevant, Faith-Based Keynotes


Kathy Howard’s One-Sheet






Nan Jones

Nan Jones headshot CC page

Travels from:  North Carolina



*Deepen Your Walk With God


*Prayer Retreats

*Bible Teaching


Nan Jones’ One-Sheet






Melissa Kirk

Melissa Kirk Headshot

Travels from: Arkansas



*Grace Warrior

*God is in the Details

*Encouraging Women for Kingdom Work

*Intentional Worship


Melissa Kirk’s One-Sheet






Sandra Allen Lovelace

AFTER pink – Version 3

Travels from: South Carolina



*Drama with a Purpose

*Inspiration for Wallflower Women

*Homeschool Coaching

*Nurturing Children to Worship


Sandra Allen Lovelace’s One-Sheet






Jerri Marr

Jerri Marr lo res headshot

Travels from: Virginia



*Encouraging Message

*Women’s Events

*Weekend Retreats

*Business Events


Jerri Marr’s One-Sheet






Patty Mason

Patty Mason Headshot

Travels from: Tennessee



*Powerful, Yet Compassionate

*Speaks to Emotional Needs

*Women’s Events

*Support Groups


Patty Mason’s One-Sheet






Edie Melson

Edie Melson Headshot for CCC

Travels from: South Carolina



*Military Families

*Women’s Programs

*Business Development with Social Media

*Church Ministries & Leaders


Edie Melson’s One-Sheet






Yvonne Ortega

Yvonne Ortega headshot for CCC

Travels from: Virginia




*Moving From Broken to Beautiful®




Yvonne Ortega’s One-Sheet






Laura Polk

Laura Polk CCC headshot

Travel from: North Carolina



*Bible Teaching


*Women’s Events

*Singles & Single Moms


Laura Polk’s One-Sheet






Cindy K. Sproles

CindySproles headshot

Travels from: Tennessee



For women:

*Draw from the Well

*Meet God on the Mountain

For writers:

*Writing Devotions

*Polishing the Diamond: Making Your Manuscript Shine


 Cindy Sproles’ One-Sheet





Michelle Viscuse

Michelle Viscuse CCC headshot

Travels from: North Carolina



*Healing From Sexual Abuse

*Replacing the Lies with Truth

*No More Shame

*Mother/Daughter Princess Teas


Michelle Viscuse’s One-Sheet