Speaker Topics

Ten years ago Vonda had no idea her experiences as an RN, freelance health writer, consumer relations specialist, and retail sales clerk would combine with her love of the stage to prepare her as a Motivational Speaker. What fun it has been for her to take the stories of work and life and use them to entertain, motivate, and teach audiences across the country! You just can’t make this stuff up!

As a speaker, Vonda addresses businesses, associations, and social groups, with an emphasis on healthcare, customer relations, women’s topics, seniors…and fun! Her philosophy is that regardless of their age, gender, or season in life, everybody needs to laugh and learn something in the process—and it’s her job to see that they do!

Choose from any of these topics, or if you prefer, Vonda will be happy to create an original program just for you!

Award-Winning Complaints…and Other Benefits of Working in Healthcare

Join Vonda as she takes a transparent look at 30 years of patient complaints and compliments, high jinx and high fevers, babies and bedpans. And when it’s all said and done, you’ll wholeheartedly agree that laughter truly is the best medicine!

There’s No “I” in TEAM, But There IS a “Me”!

It’s all about me. And it’s all about you. It’s all about what we want and what we need and what we’ll do to get it. This hilarious program, personalized for your group, looks at the struggles of striving to be a team-player in a me-first world.

“The Customer is Always Right” and Other Inequities of Working with the Public

Is “No problem” a problem at your organization? Laugh and learn with Vonda as she shares her Five Rights of Customer Service.

I Am Woman! Hear Me Whine!

I Am Woman! Sounds kind of liberating, doesn’t it? Almost makes you want to build a big ol’ bonfire and burn a bra or two! But instead of burning bras, you’ll laugh out loud as this entertaining, multi-faceted program takes you on a humorous journey through the seasons of a woman’s life. And in the midst of the laughter, Vonda reveals the truth—that every woman has value, no matter her age, wage, or dress size. (For female audiences)

Be Thankful for the Little Things…Or the Big Things Will Take You Down!

Daily gifts are all around us, but we often miss them because we’re blinded by the struggles of life. By using her own stories of job loss, terminal illnesses, and workplace conflict, Vonda takes an entertaining look at finding the humor in hardships and learning to be thankful and positive, even in the midst of the chaos.

My Name is Vonda. I am a (Fill in Your Blank)

Let’s face it, nobody’s good at everything. In this program, Vonda shares her humorous, yet effective 12-step program for finding your strengths and learning to work with a variety of personalities.

Risin’ Above Your Raisin’ (Dreaming Big in a Little Dream World)

Growing up on the poor side of a SC town, Vonda recognized the importance of dreaming big and taking a risk in order to move from where she was to where she wanted to be. So at eight she built a lemonade stand and served one communal Mason jar passed from consumer to consumer. At eleven she wrote a letter to the local TV station offering to sing on TV. At twelve she used her babysitting money to take guitar lessons, and ended up on TV with a country music band…even though she hated country music! Vonda was never afraid of failure—at least she wasn’t until she reached adulthood. That’s when the world began telling her success wasn’t possible. Vonda will share her belief that whatever your dream, you can break down those walls and start the process of Risin’ Above Your Raisin’.

I’m Officially Older Than I Am Tall (And Other Inequities of the Senior Discount)

Great for senior citizens’ groups, this program takes men and women on a humorous ride through the times of their lives, laughing at the memories, mistakes, and motivations of a life well lived.

Changing the World…One Kid at a Time

Want to change the world? You can make a difference by influencing kids toward compassion, expectation, and positive living. Authority without gentleness won’t work, but neither will gentleness without authority. Loving words, living boundaries, and lots of laughter can lead a kid to do great things.

Contact Vonda to discuss how she can bring her programs of laughter and leadership to your next event. And check out these pages for her Women’s Ministry Speaking or Keynotes and Classes for Writers.


“Vonda is a delightful, spirited, down-home speaker. I felt like we were family as she shared her wonderful presentation that made me laugh and learn more about myself. What a treat and blessing to hear Vonda!”
Jane Jenkins Herlong, CSP

Motivational humorist, professional singer and author
Former Miss South Carolina