Speaker & Humorist

As a little girl growing up in South Carolina, I never wanted to do little girl things. Instead of being a cheerleader, I played on the boy’s baseball team. Instead of running from the boys who pulled my hair, I chased them, threw them to the ground, and beat them up. Life was good.

Then I grew up and found out girls couldn’t play on the boys’ teams. I’d always dreamed of being an undercover detective, an investigative reporter, or a movie star. But the world told me I had to become what all girls were at that time—a nurse, a teacher, or a secretary. None of those choices sounded like fun to me.

So I ultimately became a speaker and author, sharing the lessons of laughter and life with audiences across the country. Now that’s a choice that’s fun!

I hope you’ll check out my bio, topics, testimonials, and media page, and then contact me. We can have a great time, learning and laughing together.


“Though small in stature, her contagious enthusiasm for sending a memorable, motivational message packs a powerful punch!”
Gwen Sutton Young

Canvas for a Cure and Jani-King of Greenville/Spartanburg, SC