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The End of My Season and the Beginning of Yours: Christian Writer’s Den Auction

I’m happy to announce that an offer has been accepted for the complete package and the Christian Writer’s Den auction is over. Thank you to all who had planned to participate and contacted me with questions and clarifications. You’re the most encouraging bunch of friends and I’m so blessed to have each of you in my life! I pray God’s richest blessings as you continue to serve him through your writing and speaking ministry!


Welcome back to the Christian Writer’s Den!

Hello, friends. My goodness, we haven’t talked in a long time. A lot has happened since my last post almost a year ago, and today holds one of the biggest announcements of my life. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to see what’s going on and what it could mean for you and your writing and speaking journey!

Change is in the air

It’s with lots of excitement and a little sadness that I announce my retirement at the end of this year. I’m excited for more time with my sweet hubby and family, but wow, I know I’m going to miss you—my writer/speaker family. After all, many of us grew up as writers and speakers together!

Some of you know that Gary and I have been caregiving for several years, and believe me, we wouldn’t take back those years for anything. It’s been an honor and a joy to care for those we love. But after much prayer and seeking wisdom from professionals I respect, I recognize it’s time for me to transition into a (hopefully) simpler life.

Although ministry seasons change, we know that ministry never ends for those of us who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose. I’m confident that I’ll honor Him best by honoring by family.

The end of my old season could be the beginning of your new one

Yes, there’s a little sadness with this announcement, but I’m thrilled to share the opportunity this could mean for you. After talking with several wise friends, I see that my change in season could be a positive change for you and your ministry as well, helping you move forward in your own call to write and speak.

As I looked back on my own journey, I realized that I’ve been doing this writing and

Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles/

speaking thing for quite a while now. I started speaking in 1997 and although I wrote my first book in 1993, I wasn’t published until 2002. That’s over 20 years of writing, speaking, encouraging, and making others laugh. That’s 20 years of classes, keynotes, workshops, school programs, blog posts, challenges, domain names, and endless ideas. I would love to see those creations bolster the writing and speaking careers of others, like you!

How will that happen, you ask? We’re going do it with a Christian Writer’s Den Auction of Speaking and Writing Resources . . . and you’re invited to join in! These resources of writing and speaking programs, domain names, rights to become the seller of my downloadable workshops, blog content, and much more will be offered to writers and speakers. All who are interested may participate through the online auction, right here at the Christian Writer’s Den.

General instructions:

The auction is being announced today and will be immediately open for bids. Here’s how it’ll work:

1. The auction is open to all writers and speakers. It’s always more fun with more participation, so please feel free to share the Auction post with any writers, speakers, and groups you know.
2. Remember that while some items are appropriate for writers of any level, others are best suited for experienced, published writers and speakers. Be sure to read recommendations before bidding. If nothing specific is mentioned, the item or package is appropriate for anyone.
3. The auction will be online only and will be held here at the Christian Writer’s Den blog, on the post dated December 1, 2017. It will close December 7 at 5pmET.
4. If you’re not already a registered commenter at the Christian Writer’s Den, you’ll need to register. There is no charge to participate and you will not be automatically added as a follower.

How to bid:
5. Each item/package will be listed separately in the comment section of the Auction Blog post. You may place a bid by hitting REPLY directly under the specific item/package you want to bid on. Please do not try to bid by placing a general comment or by replying to other bids or other comments.
6. A bid is only approved if it is written as a REPLY under a specific item/package.
7. I will reply to your bid by stating APPROVED. That simply means I see your bid and have noted it in my records.
8. Bids will be accepted in the order of posting.
9. General questions that will be of interest to all participants may be posted in the general comments.
10. If you don’t mind using your name to bid publicly, simply post your bid as a REPLY to the specific item or package you’re bidding on.
11. I’ll be at the computer continuously from 9amET to 12midnightET each day except Sunday. You’re free to bid on Sunday if you would like, but bids will not be marked as APPROVED until Monday morning.

Anonymous bids:
12. If you’d rather make an anonymous bid, simply email me ( with your real name, your preferred bidding name, the item you’re bidding on, and the amount of your bid. I’ll post it for you publicly using your bidding name and the time of your email. Please note that other bids may come in between the time you email your bid and when I note it and post it for you.
13. If you must make an anonymous bid during the night hours, it will be added when I get back to the computer the next morning.

Packages vs individual items:
14. IMPORTANT NOTE: Some items are also offered as part of a package. The packages will be offered for a limited time, as noted in the post. You may go ahead and bid on individual items while the package bidding is still active.
15. You may bid on individual items and packages from the beginning; however, an acceptable package sale will eliminate the possibility of individual sales of items included in the package.

Reserve minimum bid:
16. ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE: A reserve is placed on the three major packages: The Complete Package of all items in the auction; The Writing is Fun Workshop Package; and The Christian Writer’s Den Package. This means that if the highest bid doesn’t meet the undisclosed minimum amount set prior to the auction, the package will be withdrawn from the auction and will not be sold as a package.
17. If the package isn’t sold, the bids for individual items will be put into effect at that time and bidding will continue until the end of the auction. If the package sells, the associated individual items will be withdrawn and those bids will be cancelled.

18. If you place a bid, you are verifying that you are prepared to fulfill the commitment of your bid, should you win it.
19. At the end of the auction, the winner of each item/package will receive a Request for Payment through PayPal and will be responsible for completing the sale at the bid price within 24 hours. With PayPal, you can pay by credit card or through a PayPal account. (See added item, #20 below.)

20. A question has come up about the option of a longer payment window for the bigger packages. That is certainly something that can be addressed on a case-by-case basis. Simply email me at and we can discuss it. Thank you.


All items/packages will be transferred with a simple contract.

Ready to join the fun?

Thank you for hanging out with me as we muddled through the details. I’m sure there’ll be a few bumps along the way as we get started, so I’m asking now for your grace!

I hope you’ll prayerfully consider participating in this opportunity. What a joy it’d be for my work to continue to help writers and speakers succeed! After all, the goal of the Christian Writer’s Den has always been to encourage and celebrate writers and speakers.

I continue to pray the Lord’s blessing on the work of your hands and your hearts,


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Parting Words From The WORD…

Jesus carrying cross Lost Seed. dot comThree Scripted Words–Which Will You Choose?

I’ve always loved drama. From the time I was a little girl, sitting in front of a black and white TV, I knew that movies and scripts could reach down inside and grab a part of the soul that few things could ever touch.

By the time I was a teenager, I knew the power of the stage, the power of scripted words. And nothing proved it better than Frank Zeffirelli’s movie, Romeo and Juliet. The story. The costumes. The music. The words. I was captivated! I must have watched it a hundred times, and yet each time, it was as if I were seeing it afresh, anew.

My heart danced the night Romeo and Juliet danced—their faces and their lives hidden behind the masks, falling into a forbidden love. A love of good and evil.

Two sides. Two families. The Capulets and the Montagues.

You know the story. Romeo and Juliet fall in love, secretly marry, and spend one night together. The next day, Romeo kills Juliet’s cousin in a battle between their families, and then must escape to save his own life. Unaware of his daughter’s marriage to Romeo, Juliet’s father decrees she will marry another man.

Juliet is afraid to reveal the truth, so she meets with the priest and together they devise a plan that will allow the couple to be together forever. It is a fail-proof plan. With the help of a sleeping potion, Juliet will feign death, and Romeo will return to the city and retrieve her from the tomb. They will escape to live their life of love together, and no one will ever know the truth. A messenger is sent to deliver the fail-proof, scripted plan to Romeo.

But before the messenger reaches him, Romeo hears the terrible news that his beloved wife has died. So he devises his own plan—to join her in death. He mounts his horse and takes off for the city. But Juliet’s messenger and Romeo pass each other in the night. The grieving husband continues toward death, unaware of the truth.

It is a fateful mistake.

Romeo arrives, locates the tomb and—thinking his true love is dead—drinks his own poison in an effort to join her. Death comes quickly and Romeo falls across his wife’s body. Moments later, Juliet awakens to find her Romeo dead. Unable to imagine life without her husband, she tries to drink from Romeo’s vial, but finds it empty. She eagerly kisses her still-warm Romeo, hoping to find poison on his lips. When she finds none, she grabs his sword and thrusts it into her own body.

Her blood drips to the ground.

I sat there in the theater, my eyes glued to the screen, my body jerking with the sobs of emotion—unable to see the images through the tears filling my eyes and streaming down my face. My heart was broken for the two lovers, the two innocents who were merely on opposite sides of a battle, a battle they hadn’t chosen.

Joint funerals unite the city. The music and visuals carry us through the pain and agony.

Two families. Two sides. Joined in grief. Good and evil, exposed in death.

A voice cries from the screen:

“All . . . are . . . punished!”

Three scripted words, spoken to bring the emotion of the story to one pivotal moment. It works. I grieve, along with the Capulets and the Montagues. I can hardly stand it.

And it’s only a movie.

But two thousand years ago, there was another script, another drama. Two families. Two sides. Good andjesus holding cross lost seed dot com evil. God and Satan.

Jesus knew the story by heart because before time began, He had sat down with the Father and the Holy Spirit, and the three of Them wrote the script . . . scene by scene, line by line, word by word.

Directed by the words of the prophets, the story unfolds. The cast—often without their knowledge—follows the plan and brings the story to its pre-ordained conclusion. No actors. No lines to learn, no songs to sing. Because this time, it’s real.

And the story—although a script—is true.

But this drama wasn’t written to generate emotion; it was written to bring freedom and new life for all mankind. The only way to unite a holy God and unholy man was through the sacrifice of a perfect, sinless lamb—Jesus. He would have to die.

No sleeping potion to feign death. No escape from the Father’s decree. Sin required a blood sacrifice . . . and Jesus willingly signed up for the part. After all, He was the only One Who qualified.

His blood fell to the ground.

But the story doesn’t end there. Because from the cross, at the height of His suffering, Jesus cried the three words scripted thousands of years before:

“It . . . is . . . finished!”

Three words, spoken to bring the sin of man to one pivotal moment. It works. I grieve, along with the sinners and the saved. I can hardly stand it.

Jesus, the sinless Grace-giver, received no grace that dark and mournful day. But because of His sacrifice, we—an unholy people—are united with a holy God.

We simply choose which script, which three little words, we want to follow: “All are punished” . . . or . . . “It is finished.”

Jesus is God’s Son.

            We are sinners.

            We can’t be good enough to get to heaven on our own.

            We need a Savior.

            That Savior is Jesus.

            He is the sacrifice for our sin.

            He took the punishment we deserve.

            It . . .  is . . . finished!

Three powerful, little words that changed eternity.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

I pray God’s blessing as we celebrate our Risen Lord!


(Images courtesy of

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Interview & Book Give-Away with Michelle Cox; Who Won The Writing Sisters’ Book? and Kudos & MoGo7000 Call-Out

Michelle Cox headshotAs you can see, today is a busy day. And it’s all my fault. Last week, I completely forgot to ask for your Kudos and MoGo7000 totals! So today, in addition to an awesome interview with the multi-talented Michelle Cox, our triple duty day will also cover call-outs, and a book winner!


First Up–Michelle Cox Shares Her Amazing Journey with Her Book, Blog, and Screenplay, Just 18 Summers®!

Yes, you read right. My brilliant friend, Michelle Cox, got a great idea, the Lord multiplied her vision, and now she has all kinds of stuff going on! Read on to hear how a simple comment from her pastor kicked off an avalanche of opportunities!

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Writer’s Headlines: Writing Opps, Conferences, Announcements, & Who Won Jo Ann Fore’s Book?

newspapersYep, it’s that time again…Time to help you get published, find a conference and maybe even win Jo Ann’s book!


Here are this month’s writing opportunities, compiled just for you!

1.  Vista, Light for the World, and Book submission guidelines from the Wesleyan Church

2.  Jeanne Doyon is looking for Guest Bloggers. Deadline May 1. Click here for guidelines: WANTED Guest Bloggers from Jeanne Doyon

3.  Weekly Christian Flash Fiction Writing Contest by Pastor and writer Charles W. Short

4.  Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award is accepting submissions February 16 to March 2, 2014. $50,000 Grand Prize!

5.  Castle Gate Press, a new publisher, is looking for submissions with a Christian worldview

6.  Appleseeds Magazine for Kids (Cricket – parent company) is looking for submissions appropriate for kids 6-9

7.  Free Spirit Publishing accepts non-fiction book and resources on character building, self-esteem, service-building, civics education, and more for children and teens

8.  Dog Fancy Magazine writers guidelines. One of our Christian Writer’s Den friends just had an article published in this magazine!

9.  Dollar Stretcher Publications writers guidelines

10. Just 4 Kids Magazine writers guidelines

11. Writer’s Digest Magazine submission guidelines. This is the magazine I insulted Steven James and embarrassed myself about. (And Steven James still likes me, I think!)

12. The Writer Magazine submission guidelines. As far as I know, I haven’t insulted anyone with this magazine. 🙂

Well, friends, that should keep you busy for a while. Be sure to let us know if you find success through the writing opps. I sure encourages me to keep working at finding them for you!


Upcoming Conferences Black and White ladies at BRMCWC2010

We know conferences are THE BEST way to get your training and possibly meet editors and agents, too! So here are the conferences I know about. Feel free to Contact Me with any you’d like for me to add!

1. Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators: February 21-23, New York

2.  Writers Advance Boot Camp: February 21-23, 2014, Asheville, NC

3.  Florida Christian Writers Conference: February 26-March 2, 2014, Leesburg, FL (I’m teaching there and would love to see you!)

4.  Mid-South Christian Writers Conference: March 8, 2014, Memphis, TN

5.  Carolina Christian Writers Conference: March 13-15, 2014, Spartanburg, SC

6.  Idahope Writers: March 14-15, 2014, Meridian, ID

7.  Write2Ignite: March 28-29, 2014, Tigerville, SC

8.  FAM Fest Film Festival: March 29, 2014, York, SC

9.  Festival of Faith and Writing: April 10-12, 2014, Grand Rapids, MI

10. Erma Bombeck Writers Workshop: April 10-12, 2014, Dayton, OH

11. Orange County Christian Writers Conference: April 25-26, 2014, Santa Ana, CA

12. Colorado Christian Writers Conference: May 14-17, Estes Park, CO

13. Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference: May 19-23, 2014, Ridgecrest, NC

14. Expecting Goodness Short Film Festival: June 14, 2014, York, SC

15. St. David’s Christian Writers’ Conference: June 17-21, Grove City, PA

16. Gideon Media Arts Conference & Film Festival: July 11-15, 2014, Orlando, FL (I’ll be there co-directing the Teen Intern Program again and would love to see you there!)

17. Christian Communicators Conference: August 27-31, 2014, The Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove, Asheville, NC (Registration now open! Hope to see you there!)

18. Breathe Christian Writers Conference: October 10-11, 2014, Grand Rapids, MI


christian-communicators-promo-cove-2014Registration is Now Open for The Christian Communicators Conference for Speakers

Ladies, if you feel called to speak, you don’t want to miss the Christian Communicators Conference at the Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove. Carolyn Knefely and I would love to see you there!

At a Christian Communicators Conference, less truly is more…

By limiting the conference to about 30 ladies, you receive more!

  • You won’t be surrounded by hundreds of women . . . but you’ll be embraced by thirty who will become lifelong friends
  • You won’t experience long lines for dinner . . . but you’ll have long conversations over dessert
  • You won’t need change for vending machines . . . but shared stories at afternoon tea can change your life

Come and learn in a small, intimate setting . . .
then go out and change a great big world

Check out the Christian Communicators Conference registration details here. But don’t delay, with only 30 spots, we fill up quickly!Print


I’m Looking for Teens 16yo-18yo Who are Interested in the Media Arts!

I’m honored to again be a co-director of The Gideon Media Arts Conference and Film Festival Teen Intern Program at this year’s conference, July 11-15, 2014 in Orlando.

If you know a teen interested in acting, directing, screenwriting, singing, songwriting, or anything else related to the media arts, please send them to the Gideon Intern Page for details and application. But they must hurry–Deadline for applications is April 1.


Jo Ann Fore book coverAnd Finally…Who Won Jo Ann Fore’s Book?

My goodness, I can tell you loved Jo Ann, her book, and her interview! That was one of the highest number of responses ever received. Thank you for your support and encouragement. And now, the winner is…drumroll please…

…Kimberly Ruedger-Wheatfill!

Congratulations, Kimberly! Just Contact Me with your snail mail address and Jo Ann will have your book right out to you!

And for those who didn’t win, here’s your direct Amazon link to Jo Ann’s amazing book, When A Woman Finds Her Voice: Overcoming Life’s Hurts & Using Your Story to Make a Difference.


Okay, friends, that does it for today’s post. Yes, I know it was longer than usual, but that’s because I had so much good stuff to share with you!

Happy writing!


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Writer’s Headlines: Writing and Speaking Conferences & MoGo7000

It’s the 4th Thursday and time to look at upcoming conferences!

If you’re serious about writing, speaking, filmmaking, or creative arts, you need to be serious about learning your craft. Conferences are a great place to learn, regardless of your experience. Be sure to check them all out and find the ones that best fit your needs.

1.  Blue Ridge Writing Retreat with Agent Sally Apokedak: October 24-27, 2013, Blue Ridge, GA.

2.  Mini Fiction Workshop: November 16, 2013, Anderson, SC (Contact Elva Martin for details:

3.  Writing for the Soul: February 13-15, 2014, Colorado Springs, CO

4.  Writers Advance Boot Camp: February 21-23, 2014, Asheville, NC

5.  Florida Christian Writers Conference: February 26-March 2, 2014, Leesburg, FL (Hope to see you there!)

6.  Mid-South Christian Writers Conference: March 8, 2014, Memphis, TN

7.  Carolina Christian Writers Conference: March 13-15, 2014, Spartanburg, SC (Registration opens soon!)

8.  Write2Ignite: March 28-29, 2014, Tigerville, SC

9.  FAM Fest Film Festival: March 29, 2014, York, SC

10. Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference: May 19-23, 2014, Ridgecrest, NC

11. Gideon Media Arts Conference & Film Festival: July 11-15, 2014, Orlando, FL

12. Christian Communicators Conference: Hold the date! August 27-31, 2014, The Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove, Asheville, NC



Only 8 more days to MoGo in October!

Have you been working on your MoGo7000 this month? If so, you have 8 more days to count toward this month’s total, so keep working!

Don’t know what in the world I’m talking about? Head on over to the MoGo7000 Challenge page and check it out. You could finish a book this year AND win $100 in cold, hard cash!

So what are you waiting for?

Write on!


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Writer’s Headlines: Kudos, MoGo7000 Totals, & Last Call for Teen Interns

Hello, writers. Well, it’s the 2nd Thursday and that means it’s a day to celebrate YOUR successes!

First, let’s give a big round of applause for all these writers who have been hard at work…and have the results to show for it.

1.  Edie Melson (SC): Edie has a new two-book contract with Thomas Nelson for books of prayer for military families, While My Husband Serves and While My Son Serves.

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Parting Words From The WORD…

Photo courtesy of

I just returned last night from the Gideon Media Arts Conference and Film Festival, where I had the joy of learning from wise professionals as they talked about this creative-for-Christ ministry we feel called to. It’s an awesome, scary, difficult journey, a journey full of potholes and pitfalls.

You know what I’m talking about. “It’s all in who you know.” “You have to look out for number one.” “Use every opportunity to promote yourself.”

We heard some incredible speakers this week. Speakers who left us with not only words of wisdom for our careers, but words of caution for our hearts.

Torry Martin was one such speaker. I’ve had the privilege of hearing Torry speak many times, and he always makes me laugh. But this time…this time it wasn’t about laughing, it was about loving.

“Jesus is not a genre.”

“Are we leaving footprints on the backs of others?”

“Are we PRAYING FOR each other or are we PREYING ON each other?”


Friends, we have a wonderful calling and it sometimes requires us to step into the spotlight of books and events and blog posts and followers and auditions and screenings. It requires to us find those opportunities to share what we have.

But because of that very calling, Satan wants to fill our God-given spotlight with the motivation of self. It’s his way of turning good into evil.

God has a different plan.

Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.     Philippians 2:4

It’s a delicate dance. And one that depends on the motivations of our hearts.

Grace and peace be yours in abundance,


(Photo courtesy of

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Writer’s Headlines: Conferences & Opportunities for Creative People

It’s Thursday, so let’s check out some conferences and opportunities for YOU!


Don’t miss these upcoming conferences for teens, adults, and speakers.

If you haven’t figured it out already, conferences are the way for creative people to learn, grow, and connect with others. I can honestly say most of the good things that have happened in my career can be traced back to something or someone I met at a conference. Think of it as “getting your degree.” Yes, it takes time. Yes it takes an investment. But the return is worth it all!

1.  Upstate SC American Christian Writers Spring 2012 Workshop: May 12, 2012, Greenville, SC

2.  Colorado Christian Writers Conference: May 16-19, 2012, Estes Park, CO

3.  Orange County Christian Writers Conference: May 18-20, 2012, Newport Beach, CA

4.  Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference: May 20-24, 2012, Ridgecrest, NC (I’ll see you there!)

5.  St. Davids Christian Writers’ Conference: June 19-23, 2012, Grove City, PA

6.  North Texas Christian Writers Conference: June 22-23, 2012, Keller, TX (I’ll see you there!)

7.  AnAuthor World/The Writers’ Plot Conference: July 21, 2012, Furman University, Greenville, SC (I’ll see you there!)

8.  Greater Philly Christian Writers Conference: August 1-4, 2012, Langhorne, PA

9.  Gideon Media Arts Conference and Film Festival: August 11-16, 2012, Ridgecrest, NC (I’ll see you there!)

10. Christian Authors Guild “Catch the Wave” Writers Conference: August 23-25, 2012, Norcross, GA

11. CLASS Christian Writers Conference: October 31-November 4, 2012, Ghost Ranch, NM


Do You Know Some Creative Teens?

The Gideon Media Arts Conference and Film Festival Intern program is looking for teens 16-18yo who are interested in acting, directing, producing, screenwriting, songwriting, singing, television or radio. This is their opportunity to learn, grow, and connect with those who can help them in their goals. I’m honored to be a co-director, along with Sarah Sumpolec, of the Gideon/Clash Entertainment Intern Program for Christian teens.

But you must hurry! The application deadline is June 1st! Tell all the talented Christian teens you know!


Registrations are Filling Up for the August 2012 Christian Communicators Conference!

That’s right…the conference is in August, but with only 3 or 4 rooms left, space is already extremely limited.

Ladies, do you dream of having a speaking ministry? Do you already have a ministry, but want to grow as a speaker? The Christian Communicators Conference was created just for you!

The 3rd Christian Communicators Conference will be held at the Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina August 29-September 2, and Carolyn Knefely and I would love to have you join us!

But don’t take our word for it, here are some testimonials from the previous conferences:

“I’ve been to a lot of Christian conferences in my lifetime, yet CCC would prove to be the most rewarding and the most life changing.”
Glenda Mills, WV

“The Christian Communicators Conference was an in-depth weekend of speaker training that was filled with encouragement, deep friendship, and love. It helped move my speaking to the next level…I feel more polished and confident as a professional speaker.”
Patty Mason, TN
Liberty in Christ Ministries

“If you believe GOD is calling you into His service as a speaker, CCC is the very first thing you need to do. After PRAYING of course!”
Liz Cowen Furman, CO

Feel free to contact me with any questions. You don’t want to miss it!


Are You MoGoing?

You could write a book this year–AND win $100 in cold, hard cash!

That’s right! The MoGo7000 Challenge will help you complete a book and give you multiple chances to win money. For each month that you write 7000 new words on a book project, your name goes in the hat for the end-of-the-year drawing. Meet the goal three months this year and you get three entries. Meet it nine months and you get nine entries!

The good news is, you can join in any time…and it’s FREE!

Check out the MoGo7000 Challenge page for all the details. And get to work! Next Thursday I’ll be asking for the April totals, which will be announced the next week. So what are you waiting for?

Write that book!

Write on!


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Writer’s Headlines: Opportunities for Creative Teens

Welcome to Thursday’s Writer’s Headlines…

Today we’re focusing on opportunities for teens interested in writing, acting, and film. Be sure to share these opportunities with the talented teens you know!

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Grant Skellenger on Screenwriting & Filmmaking and Writing Opps

grantskellengerheadshotI just returned from the Gideon Media Arts Conference and Film Festival–a wonderful week of learning about filmmaking, acting, screenwriting, music videos, graphic novels (a genre, not a judgment), and just about anything else you can think of related to media arts.

Many of you know about my love of acting, but only a few know that I’m working on a screenplay, an entirely new area of writing for me. And since some of you might be interested in learning about it too, I thought it’d be good for all of us to hear from someone who’s actually completed a movie script that ended up on the big screen. So please join me in welcoming screenwriter, filmmaker, novelist, and new friend, Grant Skellenger.

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