The End of My Season and the Beginning of Yours: Christian Writer’s Den Auction

I’m happy to announce that an offer has been accepted for the complete package and the Christian Writer’s Den auction is over. Thank you to all who had planned to participate and contacted me with questions and clarifications. You’re the most encouraging bunch of friends and I’m so blessed to have each of you in my life! I pray God’s richest blessings as you continue to serve him through your writing and speaking ministry!


Welcome back to the Christian Writer’s Den!

Hello, friends. My goodness, we haven’t talked in a long time. A lot has happened since my last post almost a year ago, and today holds one of the biggest announcements of my life. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to see what’s going on and what it could mean for you and your writing and speaking journey!

Change is in the air

It’s with lots of excitement and a little sadness that I announce my retirement at the end of this year. I’m excited for more time with my sweet hubby and family, but wow, I know I’m going to miss you—my writer/speaker family. After all, many of us grew up as writers and speakers together!

Some of you know that Gary and I have been caregiving for several years, and believe me, we wouldn’t take back those years for anything. It’s been an honor and a joy to care for those we love. But after much prayer and seeking wisdom from professionals I respect, I recognize it’s time for me to transition into a (hopefully) simpler life.

Although ministry seasons change, we know that ministry never ends for those of us who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose. I’m confident that I’ll honor Him best by honoring by family.

The end of my old season could be the beginning of your new one

Yes, there’s a little sadness with this announcement, but I’m thrilled to share the opportunity this could mean for you. After talking with several wise friends, I see that my change in season could be a positive change for you and your ministry as well, helping you move forward in your own call to write and speak.

As I looked back on my own journey, I realized that I’ve been doing this writing and

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speaking thing for quite a while now. I started speaking in 1997 and although I wrote my first book in 1993, I wasn’t published until 2002. That’s over 20 years of writing, speaking, encouraging, and making others laugh. That’s 20 years of classes, keynotes, workshops, school programs, blog posts, challenges, domain names, and endless ideas. I would love to see those creations bolster the writing and speaking careers of others, like you!

How will that happen, you ask? We’re going do it with a Christian Writer’s Den Auction of Speaking and Writing Resources . . . and you’re invited to join in! These resources of writing and speaking programs, domain names, rights to become the seller of my downloadable workshops, blog content, and much more will be offered to writers and speakers. All who are interested may participate through the online auction, right here at the Christian Writer’s Den.

General instructions:

The auction is being announced today and will be immediately open for bids. Here’s how it’ll work:

1. The auction is open to all writers and speakers. It’s always more fun with more participation, so please feel free to share the Auction post with any writers, speakers, and groups you know.
2. Remember that while some items are appropriate for writers of any level, others are best suited for experienced, published writers and speakers. Be sure to read recommendations before bidding. If nothing specific is mentioned, the item or package is appropriate for anyone.
3. The auction will be online only and will be held here at the Christian Writer’s Den blog, on the post dated December 1, 2017. It will close December 7 at 5pmET.
4. If you’re not already a registered commenter at the Christian Writer’s Den, you’ll need to register. There is no charge to participate and you will not be automatically added as a follower.

How to bid:
5. Each item/package will be listed separately in the comment section of the Auction Blog post. You may place a bid by hitting REPLY directly under the specific item/package you want to bid on. Please do not try to bid by placing a general comment or by replying to other bids or other comments.
6. A bid is only approved if it is written as a REPLY under a specific item/package.
7. I will reply to your bid by stating APPROVED. That simply means I see your bid and have noted it in my records.
8. Bids will be accepted in the order of posting.
9. General questions that will be of interest to all participants may be posted in the general comments.
10. If you don’t mind using your name to bid publicly, simply post your bid as a REPLY to the specific item or package you’re bidding on.
11. I’ll be at the computer continuously from 9amET to 12midnightET each day except Sunday. You’re free to bid on Sunday if you would like, but bids will not be marked as APPROVED until Monday morning.

Anonymous bids:
12. If you’d rather make an anonymous bid, simply email me ( with your real name, your preferred bidding name, the item you’re bidding on, and the amount of your bid. I’ll post it for you publicly using your bidding name and the time of your email. Please note that other bids may come in between the time you email your bid and when I note it and post it for you.
13. If you must make an anonymous bid during the night hours, it will be added when I get back to the computer the next morning.

Packages vs individual items:
14. IMPORTANT NOTE: Some items are also offered as part of a package. The packages will be offered for a limited time, as noted in the post. You may go ahead and bid on individual items while the package bidding is still active.
15. You may bid on individual items and packages from the beginning; however, an acceptable package sale will eliminate the possibility of individual sales of items included in the package.

Reserve minimum bid:
16. ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE: A reserve is placed on the three major packages: The Complete Package of all items in the auction; The Writing is Fun Workshop Package; and The Christian Writer’s Den Package. This means that if the highest bid doesn’t meet the undisclosed minimum amount set prior to the auction, the package will be withdrawn from the auction and will not be sold as a package.
17. If the package isn’t sold, the bids for individual items will be put into effect at that time and bidding will continue until the end of the auction. If the package sells, the associated individual items will be withdrawn and those bids will be cancelled.

18. If you place a bid, you are verifying that you are prepared to fulfill the commitment of your bid, should you win it.
19. At the end of the auction, the winner of each item/package will receive a Request for Payment through PayPal and will be responsible for completing the sale at the bid price within 24 hours. With PayPal, you can pay by credit card or through a PayPal account. (See added item, #20 below.)

20. A question has come up about the option of a longer payment window for the bigger packages. That is certainly something that can be addressed on a case-by-case basis. Simply email me at and we can discuss it. Thank you.


All items/packages will be transferred with a simple contract.

Ready to join the fun?

Thank you for hanging out with me as we muddled through the details. I’m sure there’ll be a few bumps along the way as we get started, so I’m asking now for your grace!

I hope you’ll prayerfully consider participating in this opportunity. What a joy it’d be for my work to continue to help writers and speakers succeed! After all, the goal of the Christian Writer’s Den has always been to encourage and celebrate writers and speakers.

I continue to pray the Lord’s blessing on the work of your hands and your hearts,


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