The Kids’ Ark Magazine: Wittiness, Witness, and Writing Opportunity All Rolled into One!

(It’s the 5th Thursday, so today we get to bring you a special treat!)

Let’s face it, kids spend a lot of time watching TV, playing video games, and getting lost in Facebook. But what if you could offer your child games, puzzles, and the chance to win $100? Do you think that would generate some interest?

Jim and Violette Burger have done exactly that through their non-profit ministry, The Kids’ Ark magazine! Be sure to leave a comment and you’ll be in the running for a FREE subscription!

I spoke at Write2Ignite Christian Writers Conference a few weeks ago and had the joy of meeting Jim and Violette Burger, and what a blessing they were!

Jim and Vi have a heart for children and it shows through their ministry, The Kids’ Ark, a quarterly children’s Christian magazine they’ve publish in Victoria, Texas since 2004. Targeted to children 6-12 years of age, the purpose of the magazine is to teach the truth of God’s Word while also helping them make good choices in life.

The Burgers love kids and encourage them to learn about the Bible by giving away $100 to a young reader every single month! The kids simply read the magazine, fill in the blanks in the back, and mail it in. Once a month they draw a winning name, and that child receives $100 in cold, hard cash! Now that’s a great way to get kids to get excited about reading and learning God’s Word!

Each issue of The Kids’ Ark has a theme. The magazine includes puzzles, mazes, fiction stories, Bible stories and a true story featuring a child who is living his or her life for God. The 10 Commandments and a Salvation prayer are also included each month. Children who pray to ask Jesus into their hearts can complete a form and mail it in. Within weeks, their “Born Again” re-birth certificate with the date they received Christ arrives in the mail, addressed to them.

Jim and Vi said, “God flooded the earth once, with water to destroy all the evil people, but He gave an ark to save His children, the people who really loved Him. Now, the earth is again being flooded, but this time, by Satan. He’s flooding the earth with lies and distractions to keep us from loving God. And, just as before, God is giving us an ark to save His children. This time, the ark is not a boat but a magazine full of the truth–the truth about God’s love for each of us.”

And The Kids’ Ark is not a little four to six page black and white magazine. No! The sample copy I read online had almost 40 colorful pages of fun and faith!

Photo courtesy of and Stuart Miles

The Kids’ Ark has reached children across America, Canada, Taiwan, Australia, U.K. and India. Many of the magazines have been donated to foster agencies to touch children who might not go to church.

Jim and Vi are trying to reach children for the Lord and tell them that God is exciting and He has a plan and a purpose for their lives. So, what children in your life would benefit from this great resource? I’m ordering a subscription for my granddaughter’s birthday coming up in a few weeks! What better way to help her learn more about our Savior, while having fun at the same time?

The Burgers would love your prayers and support to help reach more children. The cost of a one-year hardcopy subscription is only $20; online subscriptions are $15. This not only helps them reach children, but it also helps pay The Kids’ Ark writers. (Yes! It’s a paying market!)

So what are you waiting for? For more information on how to order, as well as the writers guidelines, you can check out the web-site at You can also call 1-800-455-1770, or write The Kids’ Ark, P.O. Box 3160, Victoria, Texas 77903.

Bio: Jim and Violette Burger are graduates of Destiny Bible Institute and have been active members of Faith Family Church in Victoria for over 18 years. Jim is still employed and has worked as a Respiratory Therapist for the last 37 years. Violette was a former Flight Attendant with Braniff Airlines until they went bankrupt in 1982. The Lord moved her to Victoria where she met Jim and has worked in outside sales for the last 20 years selling building maintenance and janitorial supplies. Violette likes to let everyone know that this means she sells toilet paper! (Don’t you love it???)

In September of 2007 the Burgers were nominated as “Hometown Heroes” by KAVU, the Victoria local NBC television station, for their sacrificial work on the magazine.

Readers, don’t forget to leave a comment and you could win a free subscription!

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(Photo courtesy of and Stuart Miles)

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