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Phoebe Leggett

Hello readers! It’s the 4th Tuesday of March, so that means it’s time to talk with an author and give away a book! Today’s guest is Phoebe Leggett, a friend I met at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference who is now part of our local Word Weavers writer’s group!

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Welcome, Phoebe! Let’s just start at the beginning. When did you first begin writing?

As a child I wrote poetry and children’s songs. After my husband’s employment moved us to new locations, I began creating poems about my children when they were younger and other topics when an idea hit.

When my son was killed in 2004, writing about my struggle through grief produced the poems featured in my book. Journaling my thoughts and feelings helped put my grief into perspective.

Tell us about your first publication.

My first published article was in a magazine called Who’s DANN. This publication supported handicapped and disabled persons by encouraging them to tell their story. My bio, poem, and MS article were accepted for publication as I have multiple sclerosis. It was exciting to see my work in print. At that point I was given space in the magazine, and Phoebe’s Corner was born–featuring a poem each publication. A couple of years later the magazine lost its funding, and was cancelled. By that time, I was well on my way as a freelance writer.

You certainly were! What else has been published under your name?

Many children’s stories have been published in Our Little Friend, a Pacific Press Publishing Company for children’s literature. Articles, stories, and poetry have found their place in Christian literature and various monthly publications. The Upper Room featured one of my devotionals last year, and other devotionals have been published at This past year an article on kayaking was published in Heartland Boating, along with articles published in The Evangel, Live, a weekly journal of Practical Living, MS Focus, MS Connection, with poetry in SheMom, and Harold and Banner Press.

Several poems have been read on air at WORD Radio in Greenville, South Carolina. And, I serve as Assistant Editor for

Wow, that’s quite a list! Do you currently have work featured in a publication?

Every month, Greenville Critter Magazine features one of my poems about animals. Since I love cats and have three of my own, it’s easy to write about them.

How do you decide what to write about?

When an opportunity presents itself, I write per the publisher’s request or guidelines; or look through my files and find something I’ve already written that can be submitted.

When did you decide to write your book, It’s My Time To Grieve?

When my twenty-two-year-old son was killed in a car crash, I felt a deep desire to help others who were also grieving. My dad had already passed when my son died. A couple of years later, my best friend was diagnosed with cancer, and later passed. Following her death, my mother died. These deaths prompted me to write my first book, It’s My Time To Grieve.

Tell our readers what the book is about.

When I received a tragic call in the middle of the night nearly eight years ago, my life was forever changed. My twenty-two-year-old son had just been killed in a car crash. Devastated and confused, I embarked on a long and difficult journey to recovery.

Using personal experiences as a guide, I share personal stories in my book It’s My Time to Grieve while providing a resource for others to successfully navigate through the grieving process. This includes:

  • Moving through the stages of grief
  • Managing the holidays
  • Handling the emotions of fear, anger, and regret
  • Dealing with the death of a child, spouse, parent, sibling, friend, or pet
  • Sharing the pain
  • Gaining comfort and healing from the Bible
  • Moving forward

It’s My Time to Grieve offers hope for the brokenhearted with the comfort God provides.

I know you have contributor stories in your book. Could you talk a little bit about that?

The best of contributor stories are included in my book, It’s My Time To Grieve.

  • Ann Tatlock, an award-winning novelist from North Carolina, reveals the crush of losing her mother, and the devastation that followed.
  • Belle Woods from Illinois writes about losing her husband of many years when he passed during the Christmas season.
  • Carolyn Knefely from South Carolina writes about the infant daughter she lost years ago.
  • Cathy Pendola from Texas shares personal pain after her teenage son lost his life in a fatal car accident.
  • Lori Marett from North Carolina writes how her close relationship with her dad helped her deal with his death in a positive way.
  • And of course, you write about the passing of your father in the Foreword, and the horrendous pain you felt following his death.

Other writers provide exceptional contributions to the book.

What a great way to let others express and work through their own grief. Thank you for that opportunity. So, do you have another book in the works?

Currently, I’m writing my second book titled No Weapon Formed. This book features my own struggle as a battered wife with three small children, and how I escaped my abuser. Valuable information for battered women will be offered in the book. Contributor stories from women in similar circumstances will also be part of the manuscript, along with Bible verses that provide God’s point of view concerning abuse, and restoration.

Wow, Phoebe, that sounds like another much-needed book for those in similar situations. Your life and your books are proof that, if we give it to Him to use for His glory, God never wastes any hurts. Thanks for sharing with us.

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You can get your own copies by visiting Phoebe’s website at

Phoebe Leggett is a freelance writer who has published articles, stories, devotionals, and poetry. Although she spends many hours developing her writing craft, her family is most important. She resides in Simpsonville, South Carolina with husband and three felines. This is Leggett’s debut book. I hope you’ll visit her online at

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