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On Positive Wings: How to Navigate Everyday Negatives

Custom Packages for your Special Event

Most people you ask, desire a way to reduce their exposure to everyday negative influences. Explore this series and take charge over what shapes our thoughts, attitudes, actions, and all relationships.


  • why and how negatives affect us

How to:

  • reduce personal negative tendencies
  • navigate around negative people
  • deflect pessimistic comments and conversations
  • boost your level of joy, optimism, contentment and effectiveness

Topic Selections

  • Sticks ‘n Stones and Words That Matter
  • How and Why Negatives Affect Us
  • Screen Your Stuff: Remove Hazardous Contents
  • How to Navigate Around Negative People
  • Taking Command of Your Day: The Right Start and Finish and In Between
  • Your Secret Stash:  Where is it Hiding?
  • The Lift of Encouraging Words
  • The Power of Faith, God and Prayer: Strength Beyond Our Own
  • Dust Off Your Dreams:  It’s Never Too Late

The Power of Your Personality

Custom Packages for your Special Event
Select from: 90 minute, 2-Hour, Half-Day or Weekend Workshops

Come laugh as you learn what makes people tick—and how to get along with almost anybody.
These entertaining sessions are favorites because people love to learn about themselves. Identify and understand personalities and how they relate to yours—with concepts easy to remember and apply.

  • Upgrade your self perception
  • Determine your unique talents, strengths
  • Lead and communicate more effectively
  • Reduce conflict and misunderstandings
  • Improve relationships and listening skills
  • Enjoy greater harmony in your marriage
  • Understand emotional needs
  • Gain insight into your child’s personality
  • Increase confidence in parenting

The Power of Personality II

For Business & Organizations
Conference Packages Customized
for your Requirements
Select from: 90 minute, 2-Hour, Half-Day or Weekend Workshops

These fun, informative sessions include all the benefits listed above
—PLUS the following extras:

  • Manage people with greater ease
  • Build teams and committees with greater success
  • Upgrade Customer Service and satisfaction
  • Ease tensions between individuals and groups
  • Recognize money and time management styles
  • Recruit employees more efficiently
  • Pinpoint your target market more effectively
  • Increase clientele and market share
  • Create a more positive environment

The Power of Personality III
For Teachers, Educators & Student

Customized for your Requirements
Select from: 60 minute, 90 minute, or 2-Hour Interactive Presentations

Also available—Half-Day or Weekend Workshops for Teachers
*Student Presentations: from Elementary to College Levels

These enlightening sessions include all the benefits of “The Power of Personality”
PLUS for Educators – see special applications:

  • Identify students’ unique personalities
  • Discover students’ natural learning abilities
  • Gain insight into behavior and communication styles
  • Understand desires and emotional needs
  • Increase level of student performance
  • Enjoy greater harmony in the classroom
  • Experience more joy and confidence in teaching

Marriage & Relationships

  • Negative Proof Your Marriage: Simple Steps to Success
  • When Things Go Wrong With Mr. Right
  • When There’s No Spark Left: What’s Next?
  • Wandering Eyes at the Workplace: Where Can They Lead?
  • The Power of Your Personality: Does It Really Matter?
  • On Positive Wings: How to Navigate Everyday Negatives


  • Positive Parenting: Keys to Your Child’s Success
  • Personality Power for Parents: How to Recognize What Makes Your Child Tick
  • The Power of Your Personality: Does It Really Matter?

Inspiration & Spiritual Growth

  • He Knows Your Name: A Personal Story of The Path to Faith
  • The Great Cover-Up: A Journey That Shed the Disguise
    (Peggy’s story about what blocked real joy and contentment in her life.)
  • To Touch The Face of God: Living Life On A Higher Level
  • Tell Me What It Says: That Big Black Book You Carry
  • The Wind Beneath Your Wings: What is It?
  • The God of All Comfort: Where Can He Be?
  • If I Really Matter to God:  Why Don’t Things Change?
  • That’s Nice for You— But Not for Me
    (How to Share Your Faith Experience in Today’s World)
  • The Link: Passover and The Lord’s Supper
  • The Last Note: Words That Will Never Die
  • The Comfort of Camouflage: What Others Don’t See About Us

Leadership & Communication

  • The Power of Personality I and II & III
  • Leadership:  In the Feminine Gender
  • Woman to Woman: The Gift of Female Friendship

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What Others are Saying

“The most important skill Peggy commands is the ability to keep an audience interested. She displays the energy and enthusiasm essential to making your seminar a learning and entertaining experience.”

Margo Nord, CPA
St. Louis, Missouri

“Peggy captivated us with her genuine love of God and His unconditional love for us. She made us aware of how we can serve more effectively in any endeavor by understanding our own unique personalities and God-given talents. She did this with humor and a joy that was contagious. Peggy made our retreat a memorable spiritual experience.”

Joyce & David Cariaga
Carmel Presbyterian Church
Charlotte, North Carolina

“Each week, at our mountain-top, Sunday Services at Church In The Pines (ski-in, ski-out), Peggy Bert’s inspirational messages and songs were filled with hope and encouragement. Gathered around a crackling, outdoor fire, amidst the grandeur of God’s creation, visitors
received valuable and uplifting spiritual insights to begin their day.”

Moonlight Basin Resort
Big Sky, Montana

“Peggy is an engaging and inspiring speaker with a delightful persona. Her positive and interactive style, involves her audience in compelling ways.”

Florence Littauer, Founder
CLASS Speakers & Seminars
Author, Personality Plus and Silver Boxes

“A dynamic and inspirational speaker, Peggy Bert motivated us to examine life from new perspectives. She conveys biblical principles of Scripture with the added benefit of practical applications to our life today— that we can put to use immediately.”

–John Duckworth, Pastor
Great Falls, Montana

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