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“Peggy has the ability to communicate spiritual truths that are relevant to our lives today. One of the important strengths of her teaching is how biblical principals can be applied to what we face daily. Her sparkle and enthusiasm reflect a desire to share the joy of knowing the God with whom nothing is impossible. ”

–N. & M. Warren
Alpine Baptist Church
Dillon, Colorado

“You gave us a new understanding of ourselves, our husbands, and children and a fresh insight into our family dynamics. The ladies are still talking about it and using the excellent resources you shared. The Personalities for Parents workshop is changing lives. Thank you for a fantastic and fun evening!”

–MOPS Leader, (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers)
West Yellowstone, Montana

“Until I read Peggy’s article, “Positive and Negative Words”, I never knew that it took more positive comments to outweigh a negative one. But I did know that the negative comments from my spouse are the ones I remember most. Following the suggestions could make the difference between a relationship that flourishes and one that doesn’t last.”

–Angela S.

“Peggy Bert understands the challenges that confront us in daily life. She is an excellent communicator and guides her audience through simple steps that demonstrate how to celebrate your unique talents, and navigate around everyday negatives and people. She helped us re-discover the joy of living positively in today’s world.”

–Maggie Haggberg, President
Newcomers Club, Salt Lake City, Utah

“Peggy Bert is an inspirational speaker who will motivate you to view your life from new perspectives. Her presentations are effective because of her ability to communicate succinctly and her genuine desire to help participants convert facts into useful knowledge.”

–K. Baker
First Baptist Church
Ellisville, Missouri

“The Power of Personality program gives insight into human behavior that is essential to successful leadership in today’s marketplace. It takes the guesswork out of selecting team members with complementary talents. Ms. Bert brings a dimension to the material that makes it a rewarding experience.”

–Nelda Lee, Aerospace Engineer
Chesterfield, Missouri

“To understand and accept others, you must first be able to do the same for yourself. Knowledge about the Personalities has allowed me to value myself as I am, thus helped me to elevate my view and acceptance of others.”

–Charles Flowers
San Diego, California

“We were married last month, and wanted to thank you for the wonderful article you wrote about positive and negative words. It really affected us. It helped me understand why just a handful of nitpicking comments from my wife could weigh me down so heavily—especially because she is generally affirming. Now, it all makes more sense. We are fasting from negative comments and practicing giving out more positive ones. We are so grateful to learn these life-changing truths now, as we begin our life together.”

–Josh R.

“I’m going through a tough situation in my marriage and had even reached a point where I wanted to divorce my wife. However, after reading Peggy’s article, I recalled all the good things my wife has been doing, and I think they outweigh the negative ones. I will definitely try these suggestions.”

–F. O.

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