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The Super Hero Inside Little Me

The superhero in me.

When it comes to my inner life, I have more handicaps than a PGA championship golf course. It seems in many of the exact areas God wants to use me, I'm ironically flawed, insufficient, under-qualified. It's really hard not to focus on my limitations. For Pete's sake, I wonder. How is God ever going to accomplish anything glorious or God-sized through someone like me? Read more…

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Something is Going to Happen in Marrrrrrrrch!

I heard a famous, flamboyant name-it-claim-it preacher on TV declare to his listeners that if they gave generously, "something was going to happen in Marrrrrrrch!" Little did I know then just how right he was, (even though I'm not a name-it-claim it kind of gal AND I didn't donate anything). Find out what radically amazing thing happened to me last year beginning in March!

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My Hero Bruno

I always love a new lesson from our furry friends. Before you jump to conclusions, "Fang the Leopard" does not get to be Satan in this story. And I definitely don't get to be "Bruno the mouse!" You see, this mouse is very special—he's my mentor. He is a brave soul who is not in the least intimidated or afraid of the hungry leopard breathing down his back. What can our friends teach us about the scary obstacles of life? Find out…

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