Julie’s Typical Daily Menu

As I said before, for me, routine eating (eating to live instead of living to eat) has been a huge breakthrough for me in consistency and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. I don’t have to prepare/shop/think about what I eat so much and when I’m hungry I just keep the basic staples on hand which helps ward off temptation. I’ll share what works for me but you need to develop your own plan and what works for you. Maybe you like variety and don’t mind the planning and preparation involved. I don’t have time or patience for it. Maybe you don’t like the foods I’ve listed but you would like to find your own healthy food routine. And remember, for dinner I do turn on the variety for the sake of the fam.

Important: When traveling away from home, bring along (or buy when you get there) your basic staples such as oatmeal, protein drinks/powders, rice, cottage cheese, and quick snack foods so that you won’t be tempted to stray from your new plan when you get hungry and your type of food isn’t available.

Julie’s typical breakfast:

½ C oatmeal + 1 scoop EAS Whey Protein Powder +a little rice milk or 1% milk OR

¼ C oatmeal + ¼ C Granola (see recipe ) + ½ C yogurt

Julie’s typical lunch:

½ C short grain *brown rice + ½ C cottage cheese (or plain yogurt) +1 tomato OR

1 small baked potato + ½ C plain or lowfat yogurt (or cottage cheese) + green salad

*I always keep cooked rice in the fridge so it is ready to eat any time I’m hungry.

Afternoon snack:

½ Banana (or ½ C other fruit) + ½ serving (1/2 C) EAS Protein Shake mixed with 12 oz. water.


Variety of protein, carb, & veggies.

Evening snack:

Same as lunch OR ½ C fruit + ½ C. cottage cheese (or see other snack recipes ). When late night munchies set in, enjoy a cup of Julie’s Chai Tea .

WATER: I don’t drink water with meals but try to drink at least 4 large glasses of water a day. I buy cases of Sam’s Choice water (cheap and good tasting) and keep bottles in my car. When I’m in the car or attending my kids sports events after school, I use that idle time to cram in the water. I also drink a large glass of water right after working out.