Jump Start with Fasting

Health/Cleansing Fast-a great place to start

All of my fasting has been done with the underlying purpose of spiritual renewal/focus and to break my “flesh” away from over-dependence on food. Losing weight should be the smallest priority during cleansing fast and not even a consideration during a strictly spiritual fast. You can think of the weight loss as a great benefit that happens while you are breaking yourself free from an addiction.

I have done all kinds of different fasting (see “Resolute Fasting “) but the one I have used most often for cleansing/weight loss is very simple. For a pre-specified length of time (30-40 days in my case), I eat only high water content, low-starch fruits and vegetables (that means no bananas, corn, or potatoes). I typically limit my fruits to two servings a day. The rest of the day, I eat as many veggies as I want-whenever I am hungry. Amazingly, you can carry on your normal life functions during such a fast, including moderate exercise, because you have plenty of energy and might even find that you have more than usual. I use various seasonings on my veggies such as salt, pepper, garlic (beware: causes worst-case scenario gas!), balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, soy sauce, herbs, and other spices.

The result? Watch for more energy, sense of well-being, quick fat/weight loss, a jump-start on your confidence that you can change your life for the better, improved skin quality, and reduced joint pain.

Note: You can use this kind of fast whenever you start noticing your “flesh” creeping up on your appetite again to get centered back on freedom from food. If you are close to the weight you need to be, you can add in more fruit and/or go for a shorter period of time.