Exercise Suggestions

Here’s an example of my personal fitness lifestyle in a given week.

Aerobic/cardio exercise:

I do cardio at home, 20-30 minutes a day, 6 days a week. Walking, biking, riding, Nordic track, jogging, rowing, swimming…all are great options. Sometimes if I’m sitting for long periods during the day (I haven’t figured out how to do computer aerobics yet), I will do two 20-minute exercise sessions (morning and afternoon) to get my metabolism kicking in and relieve tension.

Weight lifting:

2-3 times per week for 30 minutes. This one is a “goal” for me because some weeks getting to the gym to lift even twice is difficult to achieve. I lift at my local club and use the Cybex circuit along with crunches, lunges, and a few other free weight exercises. Also, I only do one set of 12 reps on each machine, lifting to failure (in other words I lift the heaviest weight I can do for 12 reps). This keeps my work out short and sweet while giving me results.


I’ve made this very simple in the last year. Where every other plan I’ve tried has failed, this personally adapted version is really working for me. 5-6 small meals a day (approximately every 3 hours to maintain my blood sugar level but I do wait until I feel hungry). Meals consist of a fist size serving (my own fist size, not Hulk Hogan’s) of protein and the same of a complex carbohydrate. Additionally, I can have vegetables with any meal I want, and I try to have them with at least 2 meals. I don’t eat any processed sugar (read “my fitness journey ” to find out why).

Here’s a secret that really works for me and might (or might not) work for you. Because I got tired of trying to meal plan/shop/prepare a variety of foods while sticking to a healthy diet plan, and also because I realized most of the world eats a fairly bland diet just to survive every day of their lives (beans and rice), I greatly simplified my life and my time by implementing a very simple eating routine. I basically eat the same foods (a combination) every day except dinner. For dinner, I really live on the edge and go for variety.

Take a FREE day.

One day a week, don’t exercise. Eat what you want (within reason). Maintain small portion sizes but go ahead and eat out or splurge a little. My free day is usually Sunday.