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“Totally cool…I never thought of it that way before! ”

Jesus…the Prototype for Mankind?

WWJD. What would Jesus do? Simply put, this is a call for each of us to be “like Jesus” in this world. But could we really ever be like Jesus? The answer is, absolutely yes! Read this inspiring article!

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Cracking The Codes

One thing I find super exciting is when I discover passages in the Bible that reveal the hidden meaning of certain symbols. In fact, good students of the Bible will tell you, “Let Scripture define Scripture.” Check out a few of the many codes I’ve cracked in my personal study—they unlock amazing perspectives in many mysterious passages…

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Moved By A Breath

Some people are easily moved by the Spirit of God. They need very little prompting to be moved to change, responding to the work of God in their lives easily. Others need a raging river, hurricane force winds, or catastrophic earthquakes to do the trick. In my walk with God, I want to be easily moved by the Spirit of God…

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The Old Me Wants Pizza…and Sin!

Yummy pizza slice

Interestingly, they say you often crave the foods you're allergic to (that's right all you chocoholics!). That's bad because you really want what doesn't want you. And when you end up eating whatever you're allergic to, it's like putting a little dose of poison in your body and, over time, it wears down your system. Hmmm. I feel a spiritual analogy coming on…

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Shocking Bible Discoveries 2009: Two Resurrections!

As I have delved into my Bible like never before, this year has been a year of intense learning and yes, shocking discoveries! I am going to do a series on those discoveries. Each of them opens a Pandora's box of unanswered questions, like did you ever know that as a believer, you are a candidate for "a better resurrection?" Find out more…

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Facing the Giants

Many days I feel like such a grasshopper. But God is teaching me how to depend on Him to slay one GIANT at a time. And I'm slowly learning that with Jesus, I AM NO GRASSHOPPER!! Learn more about slaying giants and getting rid of grasshoppers…

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