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A Real Blue Star Mom!

At first I thought she was boarding the airplane with him, as I watched the young wife lean into her husband's embrace and wipe tears on her shorts. But then I saw her him board the airplane alone. Then she turned and walked away, shoulders heaving with despairing tears as her husband shipped out with the military. I felt helpless and grateful all at the same time…

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Trip to the Oregon Coast

I've had a great week in Oregon. First, I got the awesome chance to visit my good friend Carrie, who moved from Wyoming to Oregon last year. She lives in Albany, only an hour from the coast so we drove over for a day at the ocean. It was awesome! Check out my adventures!

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India 14: Night Train, Sikhs, & Snowy Trip to the Himalayas

The night we left Kota for our next adventure, we took the night train to Ambala which is north of Delhi. The train station at night was quite an experience in itself, and were it not for the fact that our guide had about five men waiting with us, I would have been terribly afraid. Okay, I WAS afraid…

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India 13: A Piece of My Heart Will Stay in Kota

What a week in Kota! We have had such a special time. Nothing has become more apparent to me than this: I need to somehow bring India home and share it with the Hopegivers' team (sponsors worldwide). This is such an amazing ministry and I had no picture or idea until I got here. It is huge, amazing, and God-sized!

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Indai 12: Safely in Kota

We are in Kota now, the Emmanuel/Hopegivers headquarters in India. Kota is about 8 hours south of Delhi, still in the northwestern part of the country somewhat near Pakistan. Kota is more hot and dry than Delhi, with afternoons feeling at least 80 degrees. It is AMAZING and wonderful to be here, but also very sad to see what havoc the persecution has wreaked on their schools, orphanages, and even buildings…

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India 11: Jaipur Pink On City And People Alike

asked Trevor if the men in the city object to living in a pink city and he told us they're fine with it because everything is pink…the houses, the bath towels, the bed linens…he might be right because we even saw a big group of burly men carrying around pink shopping bags…

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