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“Take a journey with Julie. ”

Drawing Maps or Following Signposts?

This week I had to drive from downtown Ft. Lauderdale to Columbus, Georgia. Nothing too unusual about that—except for the fact that I didn't have a map. All I knew leaving Ft. Lauderdale is that I needed to get to the Florida Turnpike where I would drive the first 250 miles of a 600 mile journey. And then it hit me. The surrendered Christian life doesn't come with a map either…

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Solitude Lesson #1: You Are Not Alone

Some people actually brought luggage to the Benedictine retreat (see last entry), but I thought it would be more trendy to show up with my backpack of mental and emotional burdens. My load seems so heavy lately with the things God has appointed for me in this season. Some days, even though I try hard to walk in His strength, I feel so alone, afraid, and weak…

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Chanting with Monks (and other spiritual disciplines)

It's time to tell all I know about the daily life of a Benedictine monk. Unfortunately, still not that much. At least at the Prince of Peace Abbey in Oceanside, California, they lead a very private, hidden life. But—after a weekend of sitting quietly at His feet, I certainly know more about my God!

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The Glory in Despair

A couple weeks ago I stood on a street in downtown Delhi, India. The light was dim on this particular street in the middle of day because of choking air pollution. The area itself was full of filth and sadness, where row after row of brothels lined the streets…every direction was full of ugliness, filth, and chaos. Where was God's glory in all of this?

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India is Still Wonderful!

I'm back in India and loving it just as much as the first time. It is such a land of contrasts. I can't wait for our many adventures! It all begins here…

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Can't Wait for Home

Home. what a great word! Don't you just love to be home? Maybe even if you call a mud hut your home over in India or the jungles of Africa, there is probably still some kind of comfort at the thought of being in your own space where everything is familiar…

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