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“Become God’s best…discern God’s best. ”

One Red Hot Love Story

Now on Amazon… Discover the MYSTERY… Feel the SUSPENSE… Revel in the INTRIGUE… Squirm in the TENSION… Find true love in the PASSION… Now better than ever…The Perfect Fit: Piecing Together True Love. Featuring one RED HOT (true) love story […]

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Singles! Every No is a Yes to Something Better!

Leshia Writes: "Dear Julie,I emailed you about two years ago regarding an article you wrote for CBN that blessed me during at a low time in my life. At that time, the man that i thought would be my husband reneged on our engagement after going back to a life of drugs…"

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The Dating Dilemma: Good Enough or Best?

A single woman writes the following words to me: "I am praying that God will give me clarity and let me hear His voice. I am struggling with whether I should marry my fiancé who I have dated for 4-1/2 years. I broke off the engagement twice…" Find out how she got through this struggle…

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