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“Sometimes you just can’t take life too seriously. Seriously. ”

Animals Taking Over Enterainment Industry

The Britts do it again! The best way to start a Monday…or ANY day! Hope you enjoy the laugh.

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My Blackberry is Not Working

This is hilarious…thought you might enjoy a good slap happy laugh!

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Fun With Bible Words 2: satan

All these years, I thought Satan was his name—you know, our Adversary? Or maybe Lucifer. Come to find out, the Adversary is never once named in the whole Bible! Have we built entire doctrines around words that aren’t exactly what we thought? Read more…

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The Majesty of Math

I have always LOVED math. Even way back in high school, before I’d had much of a chance to attune myself to the magic of my Creator, math classes—algebra, trig, and calc—all whispered the handiwork of God. I hope you enjoy this wonderfully intriguing video I happened upon today!

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Copycat Bird

This is an amazing bird. He can copy the sound of twenty different species of birds in the forest and even imitate the sound of a camera shutter. Another stellar display of creation. Fascinating!

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The Manslater Is Finally Here!

The manslator is finally here!

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