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“Not for those afraid of questioning or thinking outside the box! ”

The Sinless Lamb (Part IV)

Today our goal is to explore three Bible words/concepts that have been mistranslated and misconstrued, giving us a distorted sense of the real Jesus and what he also urged his followers to become. What can we learn about the sinlessness, righteousness, and perfection of Jesus that will give us new understanding? Come find out–you may be surprised.

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The Celibacy of Jesus (Part III)

I was always skeptical about the claims of Mary Magdalene possibly being a disciple of Jesus’ or, much more blasphemous, the wife and lover of Jesus! My old Jesus was not allowed to love a woman or, God forbid, make babies! Besides, I thought, there is NO SUCH EVIDENCE for such a thing except maybe by people with overblown imaginations or a desire to stir up trouble. But then…I found out that, in fact, there was historical evidence of another viewpoint. Join us in this week’s search for a more authentic understanding of the real Jesus…

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Evaluating the Virgin Birth (Part II)

Check out part 2 on why Jesus might just be more one of us…or we might just be more like him than we thought! Learn a little bit of history about legendary gods and demi gods, more about the virgin birth, and find out some critical mistranslations that could shed light on the real Jesus.

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Jesus, A Regular Joe? (Part I)

Imagine with me for a few paragraphs…what if. What if Jesus was a lot different than the story we have today—one that has morphed and enhanced over two millennia? What if, instead, Jesus was more of a regular guy—albeit certainly a guy with a unique anointing and mission? Would it necessarily change anything about his importance and crucial role in The Story for any of us? Get challenged today!

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My Slippery Slide into Atheism

One of my atheist friends warned me that, once I started asking honest questions of my Bible, it was sure to be a slippery slope into agnosticism or atheism. He’s absolutely right! I’m way more agnostic about God and matters of faith than I’ve ever been. I’m also definitely atheistic about the god I used to know. For starters, my old god…

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King of War or Prince of Peace?

Back in my church daze (pun intended), I used to serve the Jesus who was coming back to earth as a vengeful warrior, ready to strike down entire nations with a cold-blooded sword (Rev. 19). Such was his blood-thirsty pursuit, he even wore a robe dripping blood from his grizzly massacre of the masses. These days I’m getting reacquainted with a different (better!) Jesus. Come find out more about the real Jesus!

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