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The Worldwide Earthquake of Revelation

Is there a coming worldwide earthquake? Is there a 7-year tribulation? Can Revelation be taken literally? Are we all going to die?? These and many other questions are addressed in this thought-provoking post so come check it out!

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Pastor Suggests, “Jesus Died for Nothing”

If Jesus’s death will ultimately benefit everyone, does that cheapen grace? Was his death for nothing? Come find out…

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Hidden Bible Gem: Changed in a “Moment”

Today we’re going to check out one mistranslation that was probably done unintentionally back when they translators didn’t understand this certain Greek word. Watch how a correct rendering of “atomos” gives new meaning to this familiar verse…

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It’s a Sign of the Apocalypse!

I recently learned that the word frequently translated “tribulation” in the Bible to convey horrible, terrible, catastrophic, apocalyptic prophecy actually comes from the Greek word that simply means “to press.” Learn more…

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Bible Words: A “Righteous” Cover Up

Today we are going to consider the word, “righteous.” As it stands in most modern translations, major emphasis is placed on righteousness, especially in the New Testament (NT). In other words, “Be good or else!” By the misconstrued nature of this particular word, we have placed over-importance on an erroneous concept and missed an important teaching of Jesus (and the OT)! Find out what it is…

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Fun with Bible Words 4: Soul

Did you know that Jesus gave His soul for you? How is this possible? Learn new insights on the Greek and Hebrew words for soul and why it matters!

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