My Creator Captives Me Through Snowflakes


Here is a revisit of an old post, perfect for another snowy, cold December day!

We just got our first big snow storm here in balmy 10-degree Wyoming. About a foot! When I went outside to unbury my car the other day, running late for a lunch date, I was captivated in a way I haven’t been since I was a child.

It was the snowflakes again.

snowflakeAs a kid, I could lay in a snow bank forever, watching (and listening to) the big fat perfectly chiseled snowflakes land on my coat. I marveled at God’s intricate patterns and handiwork, realizing that no two were alike. It was so mind-blowing, even then. And you can’t describe the stillness and peace of laying outside during a snowstorm—one must experience it to know what I’m talking about.

As an adult, I forgot just how beautiful the snowflakes are. They are sooo tiny and yet so perfect and detailed. How can evolution explain the magnificent detail and beauty of a snowflake? What would be the point of the beauty, when everything is just functional or not.

snowflakes2Anyhow, I got thinking, how often do I just stop and notice all kinds of things around me that are equally marvelous, things that my amazing Creator formed with his powerful, creative, yet gentle hands? He is so AMAZING. I don’t ever want to forget to notice the little things, that are really the big things in life. Things that He created just for my enjoyment, and that I only took time to notice as a kid.

This winter, go out in a snow storm. Notice and listen to the snowflakes, and take time to commune with your marvelous Creator (those of you in Florida and other sunny locations will have to make a trip up north). By the way, these photos are all actual snowflakes!


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