The Word of the Day Century is Revolution


I’m taking a compelling class right now called, “Social Movements.” As a result, my eyes are being opened. I think God is up to something BIG. Sure, you say, He’s God and God is always up to big things. But sometimes He’s silent in the in-between times (think Dark Ages). I’m convinced this is not one of those silent times.

Perhaps at no other time in history has there been anything like the phenomenon that’s been happening in our world over the past 50–60 years. Movements, protests, uprisings, and revolutions, across every sphere and sector of practically every society—political, social, young, old, religious, irreligious, male, female, black, white, and every color in between.

Is this just another streak of reckless rebellion for the sake of rebellion? I don’t think so. Most of the movements of this past century have been about reclaiming and restoring justice, equality, safety, and value where those things have been lost. They have been about valuing human life, animal life, and planet life. Many of the movements and revolutions have even been initiated or carried out by young people. There’s an air of bravery and a host of legitimate objections in the hearts of young people worldwide, to the point that oftentimes children are prepared to suffer or die for their cause. They are fed up with bigotry, oppression, and inequality. They are fed up with the traditions of their culture, their religions, or their ancestors that don’t make sense from the standpoint of valuing human life and liberty. When you read about what’s going down in history right now, the enthusiasm for change is palpable.

Consider some of the movements and revolutions of the past 60 years, each one attempting to restore what is noble, good, right, and fair in a world that has stripped them of such.

  • Civil Rights Movement
  • South African Anti-Apartheid Movement
  • Native American (American Indian) Movement
  • Women’s Movement
  • Gay Rights Movement (LGBT)
  • Iranian Liberation Movement
  • Student Social Movement
  • Pro-Life Movement
  • Asian Movement
  • Japanese Movement
  • Animal Right’s Movement
  • Anti-War Movement
  • Anti-Globalization Movement
  • Chicano Movement
  • Environmental Movement
  • Global Justice Movement
  • Human Rights Movement

All within the last year, there have been major revolutions within Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Zimbabwe, Syria, Bahrain, and Yemen. The Egyptian Revolution in January started with a few young people and a Facebook account. These revolutions are collectively being called “Arab Spring.”

Since the Tunisian Revolution of last year, there have been protests in all the following countries: Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, Oman, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Western Sahara.

Never in history has there been the opportunities for change like we have today. There’s a sense of global dissatisfaction with injustice, discrimination, poverty, and oppression, and there are the tools in place to give the once silent majority a voice.

I can’t help but think that one more overturn is needed in our day—the overturn of the biggest lie of religious history. In the late 4th century, this lie was proliferated by a sector of power hungry people in order to control masses of people with fear: the doctrine of Eternal Torment in a place called hell. This “doctrine of men” personifies injustice, discrimination, and oppression at its worst. It has all but buried the Good News of a Loving Father’s original intention for all His creation—a plan of true love and justice that wins all people in the end. But this overturn will happen, this I know. It is already happening.

Want to find out more? Be sure to preorder your copy of Raising Hell: Christianity’s Most Controversial Doctrine Put Under Fire. It will be in print in just 3 short weeks and reveals the timeless truth that people all over the world are rediscovering. You don’t want to miss out on being a part of this historical uprising, taking place in every country, culture, and corner of the world.

You can practically hear the rumble, whistling down the tracks of time. It’s the sound of a Revolution!

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