Awesome 15: Sunday Naps

2010/08/gooddaynap.gif Cats know the secrets of life!

Gosh, it’s Sunday, the one day a week I feel no guilt about taking a nice long nap. But seriously, if there’s anything I’ve learned from my cat, any day is a good day for a nap.

In my book, naps are sanity. Think about it. People annoy you…you ditch them and go off to a nice place wherever they are not. But if you’re like me and you often drive yourself crazy, where are you going to go? Naps are the only way you can safely take a break from yourself and nobody gets hurt.

If nap taking makes you feel too guilty, get a cat. Most cats sleep all day every day, so next to your cat, you will feel like a productive, contributing member of society, even on nap days.

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