Today is the BIG DAY…Don't Miss Out!

Time is short and lives are at stake. Accept the mission and leave a mark for eternity!

Are you…

…a parent who wants your family to leave a mark for eternity?

…a young person who wants to change your world for Christ?

…a grandparent who wants your grandkids to grow up with lasting faith?

…a person with a heart for orphans and want to make a lasting difference for them?

…a church or ministry looking to engage hearts in the Great Commission?

Do you have a friend in one of these categories?

oma_banner2_175px Don't forget…today is the BIG DAY! The BOOK BOMB on AMAZON and launch of One Million Arrows: Raising Your Children to Change the World! We need everyone to help to make this day a BIG SUCCESS!

Why? Time is short and lives are at stake. Not only does every dollar of prophet get sent for orphan care and ministry worldwide (which means it's a great investment for all!) but the message engages hearts in the Great Commission! It is based on testimonies of amazing people changing their world for Christ and it is powerful to change lives! Even young people will enjoy this fast moving INSPIRATIONAL book!

Buy a book today or at least pass this along to all your facebook friends for us! We appreciate your help!



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