Make Friends With A Bug

On the glorious splendor of Your majesty And on Your wonderful works, I will meditate. Psalm 145:5

blue_beetle_200pxI'm not your typical girl. I'm fascinated by many things that aren't very "girly"…namely rocks, spiders, and, well…BUGS! I can't tell you when or how this weird affinity for creepy, crawly creatures started in my life, but I can tell you one thing. Whenever I need a great reminder of the awesome, amazing, creative, fascinating, personal God who cares about the details of my life, I cotton_harlequin_bug_130pxhead out to His giant playground (sometimes even my backyard) with my bug radar cranked on high. Sometimes I even remember to bring my camera.

Even though I love bugs, they are not the only things that teach me about my God. There are so many things in my every day world that whisper into my very soul the power and majesty of a very awesome, infinite Creator. elderborer_150pxThat's why I absolutely know there's no doubt that this world didn't "just happen." There is no way possible I would ever buy into that ludicrous, insane, absolutely stupid hogwash. Aside from sunsets painted across the sky each evening that defy description, flowers with faces upraised to the sun every morning—faces green_fanged_jumper_130pxthat practically shout out God's glory, stars that echo His power throughout the skies each night, and newborn babies that proclaim to the world the mystery of His image and hint at the depth of His complexities, He still speaks to me each day through the small thingsthings that I might otherwise pass over if I'm not paying attention. Enter bugs.

blue_spider_200pxBugs are so cool! I cannot believe the variety and uniqueness of each type. So many of them have traits that would serve absolutely no purpose if evolution were involved. Certain colors or characteristics would never have evolved because they serve no purpose outside beauty, creativity, and artistic expression. For instance, why would you have a blue spider or even a zebra_spider_200pxzebra spider? They both live in my mountain climate and stick out like chocolate chips on a cookie as far as predators are concerned. Why would bugs have color at all, such as iridescent dragon flies and blue beetles? Or how about the beautiful, multi-colored butterflies that flit themselves about in front of hungry birds? None of that would have evolved. None of it could have just happened.

bandedalderborer_150pxReally, I have such a hard time getting how people think that way. When I look at the intricacies, complexities, colors, shapes, sizes, and unique purposes of different kinds of bugs—and that's just bugs not to mention all the other amazing aspects of creation—I think it would take a very foolish, small-minded, arrogant, misinformed person to doubt the existence of God. And I am reminded of the verse in Psalm 14:1, "Only fools say in their hearts, ‘There is no God.'"

butterfly_bee_200pxToday, when you are out and about in the midst of this amazing creation, notice the sunrise and sunset. Look around at the flowers and birds. Look up and see the glory in the skies. All of these things will teach you about their Maker, and you will feel a little smaller (in a good way), more wonderfully vulnerable, and more amazed than you were when you started the day.

dragonfly_200pxAnd whatever you do, make friends with a bug. You'll feel more connected with it's Designer, and you'll feel just a little more happy, purposeful, and amazed, thinking about your very cool God and how special you must be to Him to give you such miraculous crawling, flying reminders throughout the day!


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