Surprise Your Mother! Live Dangerously, Disturbed, & Ruined

Recently I heard Kay Warren speak at a conference. She said, "I'm not too much fun at dinner parties anymore." She went on to explain that, ever since she got involved with AIDS orphans, not to mention battling a life-threatening bout with cancer, she doesn't want to waste time discussing trivial matters in life anymore. She wants to talk about things that really matter in the grand scheme, and I guess certain associations get bored with her new life pursuits.

She went on to challenge the audience to live out their remaining days on earth in three dimensions for the sake of Christ:

Dangerously surrendered: Why "dangerously?" God is not safe, but He's good. To be dangerously surrendered means that you are willing for the adventure—wherever it takes you—believing that God will only lead you on a path of good, even if it seems perilous at times. Living this way will threaten your reliance upon what is known and comfortable, but will take you exciting, inspiring places you never dreamed possible.

Seriously disturbed: There's only one way to become seriously disturbed for the cause of Christ and that is to get your hands dirty. Go on a mission trip. Get involved in a worthy cause with those who are the "least of these." When you see and experience first hand the suffering of others, you will forever be marked and disturbed in such a way that you will want to get and stay involved.

Gloriously ruined: In Isaiah's words, we read: "Woe to me! I am ruined! For I am a man of unclean lips, and I live among a people of unclean lips, and my eyes have seen the King, the LORD Almighty (6:5 NIV)." When we encounter the Holy, we become ruined by Him and for Him. We never quite see life the same again. Our old ways of "fun" are spoiled, our old habits are no longer enjoyable, our priorities and perspectives are changed. But instead of losing out, our life actually becomes new, full, rich, and beautiful!

In Audio Adrenaline's song, "Miracle," Mark Stuart writes:

I am free
For the first time
I can see
Further than before
Everything's different now
Now that you've ruined my life
You took my dreams
And stole my schemes
And turned my life upside down
You took my heart
Stole every part
And made it a miracle

Make the decision to live dangerously surrendered, seriously disturbed, and gloriously ruined for Christ. Ask Him to help you be ready to do this. Put your life and future in His hands. I guarantee (money back) it will be the best decision of your life. In fact, you will find that only when you choose this life are you truly living.

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