Pitt-Bull Ministry

So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing. 1 Thessalonians 5:11

I don't have good luck with dogs. For some reason, any dog in a three mile radius not inside a fence or on a leash is likely to come at me for some leg bone. Sometimes, I have the same luck with Christians.

I have noticed frequently that there is a snarling, snapping, flesh-tearing evil among us. Pit-bull ministry.

What is "Pit-bull ministry"?

I often see Christians being territorial, jealous, turf-defending canines. I have seen this from Sunday school teachers, to pastors and Christian ministry staff. They don't share success strategies, evangelizing tools, growth ideas, ministry game plans, or abundant financial wealth with those outside the inner circle. Why not? They are territorial. "This is my ministry. I am not letting you enjoy the fruit of my labor. It's my hard work that has put me here."

All the while, I imagine God drumming His fingers, rolling His eyes, and thinking, "What about My ministry? What about the ideas I inspired, the anointing I bestowed, the money I sent, and the lives I changed? Did you think that was you?"

It is hard not to feel territorial and competitive sometimes. But really, could you ever see Jesus duking it out with His disciples, jealous when they had a good idea or when people in the crowds wanted to talk to them? We've got to sit back and remember WHOSE ministry this is and WHY we're doing it. As believers, we are all supposed to be on the same team. We are supposed to be encouraging each other and building each other up for the work of the Great Commission, sharing everything we can to equip the saints.

I am on faculty of a great national ministry right now called CLASS (Christian Leaders, Authors, and Speakers Seminars). They train people to effectively communicate their God-given message with speaker training conferences and writer's conferences. One of the very great things that has captured my heart about this ministry is their love for the God-given ministries of others—everyone who comes to them for help and improvement. Ever since I got involved, every single person I have encountered has only demonstrated a desire to help me become all that God wants and intends for me to be. No trade secret is sacred with them—they will share any and all ideas to others achieve their purpose and to do their very best at communicating the message God is speaking and writing through their lives.

Remember, whenever we get territorial, we make it about us…and our strength…and our resources. God is no longer in it. Let's put the snarling dog down (in the worst way) and do whatever it we can to help others achieve their amazing potential!

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