Why God is So Chipper?

That is what the Scriptures mean when they say, "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him." 1 Corinthians 2:9

The two weeks before my husband proposed to me were the worst weeks I could remember in a long time. We were both 32 at the time, and even though God had clearly worked in our relationship and individually given us each the green flag for marriage, he was struggling to make a commitment. Frankly, his indecision was wearing me out emotionally.

During that two-week period, we decided to take a break from the relationship to pray about what God had already shown us a dozen times (excuse the sarcasm), and I let him know that he needed to make a decision one way or the other so I could move forward with my life. We agreed not to speak to each other during this break so we could hear from God on the matter.

Toward the end of our break, I was feeling anxious. He had seemed so nonchalant before we parted. Certainly not as unsettled as I was. One night I was a basket case and called my parents for some love and reassurance.

My Dad sounded chipper on the phone. Annoyingly chipper. "Ah honey, don't worry. There's a great surprise coming your way." I wondered what he meant. Did he know something? Had Steve called him? Was Dad giving away something that was supposed to be a surprise?

After several more hard days and disappointments (meant to throw me off track), I got a very romantic marriage proposal! My Dad knew this all along, and he was chipper about giving his daughter away to the man of her dreams. Instead of my present sadness, my Dad saw what was coming for me, even when I had no idea.

My husband and I have had many incredible years of marriage since, filled with the most wonderful and amazing adventures of being in God's will for our lives. God has done so many miracles in and through us, we recount them often with awe and pure joy. My sad days from that period of my life after divorce are long gone.

Here's what I learned through that experience. I've had some pretty lousy days—actually some lousy years—on this earth. I know others who have had it even much worse. As a parent myself, I've often wondered how God, as our loving Heavenly Father, can take such sadness, watching His children go through hardships and suffering. He's the perfect and most loving Parent. How does He get through the day, seeing His most precious treasures (you and me) face so many disappointments, heartaches, and sufferings?

Just like my earthly Dad, who knew what was around the corner for me, God knows what is coming down the road for His children. He knows all the amazing plans He's laid out just ahead for us, and He feels the joy of previewing how all the sadness is going to be redeemed and made into new dreams and happy days. The delights He's stored up for us fill up His Fatherly heart with more joy than the all the temporary sadness His children face each day in this broken world.

In fact, His greatest anticipated joy is waiting for that most beautiful Day of all days, when He will give away His faithful Bride to the Adoring One (Jesus) of "her" dreams in perfect, holy, marriage. Yes, Jesus has been waiting a long time to be with His Bride and to make our lives unalterably beautiful, and our Abba Father has the inside scoop of when this big event is going to happen. On that day, every tear and disappointment will be wiped away for good.

And that's how a good, loving, chipper Father-God deals with our suffering of today. He sees what's coming.

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