DoggiePine: The Sting of Going Back for More

porcupine_wonI came across this porcudog…or is it a doggiepine? Hard to tell for sure, but this is actually a dog. He is a terrier—apparently not one of the smarter breeds—who got into a cuddle session with a porcupine. Yes, I did my snopes research to find out if this is for real, and it is. Anesthesia was hardly enough relief to remove the quills—all 1,347 to be exact. I didn't even know porcupines had that many quills! I imagine the porcupine was arrested for indecent exposure on his way home.

The first thing I thought is, what on earth kept this dog going back for more? He's obviously bleeding and miserable. Was it pride? Was it indignant anger? Stubbornness? Protectiveness? Determination? Curiousity? Or was it just plain stupidity?



There's GOT to be a spiritual analogy here. Oh, yes. It all reminded me of ME and the things in my own life that I go back to—things that cause me undue, unnecessary, torturous pain and suffering.



  • Bad or abusive relationships
  • Shame
  • Control
  • "Old-me" behaviors that I detest
  • Making it all about me
  • Putting my hope in weak fallible humans for my happiness

How can all of this be avoided?

I think we could all get a clue from the dog.

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