Singles! Every No is a Yes to Something Better!

Leshia Writes:

Dear Julie,

I emailed you about two years ago regarding an article you wrote for CBN that blessed me during at a low time in my life. It was the one about an ogre and something or other. At that time, the man that i thought would be my husband reneged on our engagement after going back to a life of drugs.

When this happened, you told me that God actually favored me and to be thankful God stepped in when He did to prevent me from the hurt that could have ensued for both me and my son. You also said God would give someone better in his timing.

God has now blessed me with an AWESOME man of God whom I have known since 1986 where we have served faithfully in a ministry together.  Due to circumstances beyond his control, his wife divorced him which hurt him deeply. I'd never even considered him because we have been friends and brother/sister in the Lord for so long but who better to partner with. We are due to wed July 14, 2007. God truly knows how and when to come through! God truly blessed the broken road and brought us together for such a time as this. Thank you for your encouragement along the way!

Julie's comments: Thank you Leshia. We all wish you the very best and are rejoicing in the Lord with you! 

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