I’m Getting Better on Jesus…and Zicam

I am now a self-professing poster child for Zicam—that amazing over-the-counter naturopathic preventative medicine guaranteed to improve symptoms and duration for the common cold. I don’t remember how I got started on it. Maybe it was because my husband used to make me take the zinc lozenges when I got sick. In those days, I wasn’t sure which made me feel worse—the cold or the nauseating aftertaste of the nasty zinc lozenge.

But now, my life is like new. As soon as I feel any sickness coming on, I find one of my many stashes, depending on where I am at the time—in the house, in my car, at my desk, in my purse, under my pillow—and I begin treatment. That’s the key. You have to catch it really early or it doesn’t do any good. But when you do, you usually don’t get sick or else you get such a mild case, you hardly feel sick.

I’ve tried telling my friends and even family members about Zicam, and to my amazement, they don’t try it. They’re either lazy, skeptical, or just plain unbelieving. But still, I keep trying…and still they keep not using it. Meanwhile, I stay healthy while they are coughing, snorting, and sneezing all winter, because they don’t realize how much better they could be if they would just do it.

Faith & Zicam

I’ve discovered that my faith is a lot like Zicam. The all-powerful blood of Jesus takes away the sin sickness of the world, and it’s the only guaranteed remedy. The earlier you catch it, the quicker you get better. It’s not by any good deeds, family heritage, talent, church association, or great wisdom that a person receives healing from sin, but only through a personal relationship with Jesus. It really works, so why wouldn’t everyone want it NOW?

It’s because they’re lazy (I’ll put it off until later), they’re skeptical (why is Jesus any better than another way), or they just don’t believe. They’ve heard all the spiels before about this religion and that, so they wonder, why would this one be any different? And some think, why do I need anything? I’m doing fine just the way I am. But without Jesus, there is always sickness. It’s just that people are so used to living without Himso used to being sickthey don’t know how much better they would be…if they would just do it.

Then they would find, like me, that this cure really works. They could become whole and healthy, experiencing more peace, hope, and purpose.

Starting a personal relationship with Jesus is easy to come byall you have to do is ask. But just like Zicam, you have to make a commitment to it. It doesn’t work if you get it and then just let it sit on the counter in your bathroom. You have to use it—frequently and for the duration if you want to get all the way better. That’s because a relationship with Jesus is all or nothing. Either you believe and you stick with Him, or you never did at all. And He can only truly change your life if you stay connected to him, like a leaf on a vine.

So next time you’re at the store, pick up some Zicam. It really works! And then, just like Jesus, take it with you everywhere you go.

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