#2: Is Heaven One Big Never-Ending Church Service?

Revelation 7 depicts a large crowd, worshiping in front of God's throne "day and night." I used to believe this was the sneak preview of my eternity—worshiping in front of a throne 24/7. If I have to be honest, bowing forever in front of a throne on my hands and knees, chanting worship, does not sound like heaven. Perhaps I'm shallow or not spiritual enough, but that thought does not get me excited about the Kingdom.

After reading this passage again, I noticed that these people are actually the martyrs who have come out of the great tribulation. Nowhere does it say that they are going to stay in front of the throne forever. If I were to speculate, it appears that these people have gone through such horrors, that they are practically glued to the peaceful, restful presence of God for a season because of their deep gratitude and love for Him after the relief of their suffering.

So what will we do in Heaven? Living on a new (resurrected) earth, maybe we'll do earthy things—things God intended for us from the beginning. Isaiah talks about living in and tending cities, ruling the world, and enjoying people and animals.

I believe…we will probably get to do all the stuff (and much, much more) that we do here, only without the sin. This world is still a dim reflection of the "good" world God created for us to enjoy and discover—that hasn't changed. So is it really self-centered to believe we will get to do things then that we enjoy now? I think not! God made us to enjoy His creation. When we enjoy His creation appropriately, we enjoy Him. Enjoying Him and His creation IS worship. Can sports be a form of worship? Surfing? Gardening? Painting? Writing? YES!

Next time you're out enjoying something in God's creation—see it in a new way. See it as the very thing you will enjoy in your new home someday, only without the sin, disorder, decay, and curse of death. Sunsets, flowers, animals (including pets), hobbies, relationships with your family and friends, busy city centers (try imaging a busy city without sinful people and pollution), gourmet food, beautiful clothes, sports (including the extreme variety), art, technology, gardening (no weeds!), discovery, growth, learning, naps (my personal favorite)—all was made by God as part of His original creation and for our enjoyment. And when we enjoy these things He gave us, we enjoy Him. And someday, we will get to do it all with Him. Now that's the kind of worship I want to do 24/7!

 1 Timothy 4:4-5 "Since everything God created is good, we should not reject any of it. We may receive it gladly, with thankful hearts. For we know it is made holy by the word of God and prayer." 

"I Timothy 6:17 tells us that God richly provides everything for our enjoyment. If He provides everything for our enjoyment, we shouldn't feel guilty for enjoying it should we? Because God is the ultimate source of joy and satisfaction, all secondary joys emanate from Him. To love secondary joys on Earth can be—and in Heaven always will be—to love God, their source. In Heaven we'll have no capacity to turn people or things into idols. When we find joy in God's gifts, we will be finding our joy in Him." Randy Alcorn from his book, Heaven.


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